Daily Archives: December 8, 2011


This week i spent most of my time being a podling, and what is a podling some may ask?
It´s this cute little mesh avatar from out of space that besides being adorable comes with some clothes fitted for him in several models colors and fabrics, but the best is the templates are available also online allowing you to make your own clothes for it, which i hopefully will find the time to do soon.Since mesh arrived i have been trying to do my best in trying out has much as i can picking my favorites and experimenting, mostly seeing how much i feel comfortable with changing my shape, and adapting to new looks, well for this i needed a whole new shape, and not only that i also gained a whole new vision of SL, the podling is so little and comes with camera position tool you wear with your avatar.Here am i playing hide and seek with my favorite kabuki as a podling i wonder who´s meaner.In the meanwhile i await new Podlings acessories and clothes designs to add to my little one.
Zed – Purple skin
Pants [Grey]
Shirt [Emote #10 – Red]
Sneakers [Red]

Check it inworld at the store Podlings!