Sun/Moon+Projectors for Photography


The subject came up on plurk today thanks to Shay, and i found the time to do a little tutorial. The initial question was: How to get a nice picture in a simple background?

I asked if she was using projectors, since it is the simpler, easiest, and better resulting way to do it, apparently not many people know projectors yet, and is such a wonderful tool for not only photography, but hopefully also building in the future.

So since i had some time on my hands i did this little tutorial in 5 easy steps .

The final result (in this case with two projectors, to cast two shadows on the wall)

This post would not have been possible if not for this one: Lighting projectors: adding depth to SL a wonderful blog by Inara Pey.

Have fun and enjoy!

ETA: I started a post witht his Tutorial here in SLUniverse.

And thanks to Marianne Little  i got the link to this Tutorial that expands further on the creative use of projectors.

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  1. I had heard about these when they were first coming out but never got around to trying it out. Thanks for the great tutorial, I’m totally going to try this next time. Or at least see if my computer can handle it. 🙂

    • If you can handle shadows you should be able too i never noticed a decrease in speed for it, my advise in testing it would be, to do it in a controled enviroment, a skybox with a simple blank wall, just to play with it.

  2. Good tutorial. I will add your blog to Blogging Second Life’s tutorial page if you can make a page where you compile a list of all your tutorials as they come along. You see up on the masthead where you have home, about and about? You can add a page for tutorials there.

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