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This month has been so busy, not just with events in sl but also with new shops sending me blogger packs that I have and will continue to show of, those shops being: Geometry, {bilo}, CoLLisions, 22769 and Dare Designs, this has helped me a lot in blogging since not only do I have more to play with in my pictures, but I also have more variety, and most of it already associated with amazing events I already cover.

The Blogrun of feeds also slowly grows with more entries as I apply the blog to them, and spend more time checking feeds myself.

I keep trying to cover as many events as possible including some hunts like i did this month to The Twisted Hunt, The Steam Hunt and last week and over the next The Home and Garden Market Hunt. I do try and keep up with hunts as best as possible, but as you see it is impossible to covert only 1% of all the ones in the grid.

I´ve been also trying to cover all the pictures in the Luna Jubilee´s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, and probably doing a few more in the future.

Next month I plan to keep covering my favourite monthly events like COLLABOR88, The Dressing Room, The Dressing Blue, The Gallery Gift Shop, Flux and the new My Attic. But I do have news as it comes to major events upcoming.

First I will start with World Goth Day on the 22nd of May that is having an officially sanctioned event in SL The World Goth Fair 2012 and will also include a hunt The WGD Nightstalker Hunt 2012, I was lucky to be invited by my good friend Axi to be an official blogger for the Fair with other amazing bloggers as: Shadowed Darkfury from SL Freebie Hunters, Sonya Marmurek  from Astalianda and  Rudhmellowen Laguna from Seraphim.

Second i´ve also been accepted as a blogger for Fantasy Faire.

And I am so excited for it, I love doing Fantasy pictures, and I love experimenting and already know how amazing the designers assigned to me are, so I know for sure I will have good things to blog, but it´s a surprise.

Another event I´m anticipating is Keep Calm and Keep Shopping! a smaller and new event I know, but looking extremely promising.

These are a few of the events i can remember atm, for the next few months I´m sure more will come, and i will do my best to keep myself on top of them. Remember people to hit me with news or suggestions, either here or on plurk/twitter.

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