You shooke my balls…


At least that´s what the brazilian person behind the tanned and muscly avatar proclaimed, as soon as I landed at Isabel Info Hub, not only had I shaken his balls but I also made him sing loudly on voice, like I had just entered a Bazilian Idols audition.

I waved to the crowd, expecting a hi or a olá (from the man who´s balls I had shaken, so vigorously his voice cracked every other second), or at least a wave back, but nothing, nothing at all from the crowd of grey or even gasy (as in balls of gas) avatars.

At the end of the day I just wanted to show of my gorgeous outfit, found in the best shop available, The Library. Some people have been so long I SL they forget The Library exists, and it´s filled with wonders like this beautiful complete avatar called The Girl Next Door. It comes with customized hair and shoes, the skirt is not mesh unfortunately, but the flexi follows your avatar movements quite well, I just wish the hair came in more colour options. Here are a few more snaps from this gorgeous avatar, hopefully i´ve managed to shake your balls too.

Avatar: from The Library – The Girl next door
Poses: from The Library

Windlight: Midday 

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