A round-up of upcoming events.


It comes that time of month when I review all events and current blogging plans.

-14-22 of April: Bay City Fashion Week, a new event with a vintage feel featuring 20 top designers presenting styles of the 1940s through the mid 1960s, that I will try to follow as close as possible.

– Starting on the 15th ia the much expected Pose Fair, check their Flickr group for previews on what creators are making and what bloggers are planning, but in the meanwhile, it´s open today at 8 am  for bloggers and I will probably have some pics to show you guys. Hopefully with Sha´s help. (ETA: The bloggers preview day and hour have changed to Friday the 13th at 12pm, sadly i won´t be able to blog any of it on the 13 due to time zones, hopefully I will have something to show of on the 14th and one post for the opening on the 15th, since I won´t be online much on 15th due to rl commitments. I do promise to follow-up on it as best as possible during the week)

– 21-29 of April: Fantasy Faire, a Relay for Life event in support of the American Cancer society, so far I have not had one single doubt in participating in this event since all the people in it seem extremely competent, and honourable, and I have no reason to question their commitment to the event and RLF.

– 14-28 of May stars of  Keep Calm and Keep Shopping!  this one is not a charity event but only to promote wonderful SL creators.

– 15-31 of May starts of  World Goth Fair and the WGD Nightstalker Hunt (starting on the 1st of May) associated with it. These two events are separate but officially sanctioned by the folks at World Goth Day, and will benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. And is being organized by people I know personally, am close to and have absolute confidence in.

This is the round-up of the current events I have planned to cover over the next few months, I´ll be sure to update this list as I go along, and keep covering a lot more events be them monthly or weekly.

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