Loki me, Loki you, Loki three?


You know what really is pretty awesome? Doing something you like, and it´s way better when you do it with people you really, really like, and i got to do just that over the weekend with my very two good friends, Sonya Marmurek from Astalianda and Nicole Twigvald from smileyorc.

Over the weekend we got together and did what girls usually do in SL, which is sit down and have tea and cupcakes? Hell no we actually dressed up as gods and prepared to destroy the world, we also had tea and cupcakes of course, world destroying gods also enjoy a snack and a cuppa among friends.

Like all destroying gods we looked fabulous in our Nomine Loki Avatars, as you can see below:

This gorgeous, Limited edition Gown, comes with so many pieces, including skin, shape, hair, tattoo layers, 3 types of horns, skirts, capes, so many to list and can be found in 6 different colours (only 12 of each will be sold).

And what a better setting for a meeting of gods but this beautiful mesh stage by Refined Wild, where great things are planned by girly giggling gods.

Thank you very much Sonya and Nicole for a wonderful afternoon. I ❤ you girls.

Shape: mine
Hair – Wasabi Pills – Jacqueline
Outfit and Skin: Nomine – Loki Gown in purple
Wings: [europa] – Nyxus wings 

Stage: Dancer’s Triad by Refined Wild (available in normal and petite sizes)

Poses by Adorkable and Glitterati

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