It´s that time of the month i do a tldr post


Last month was busy and unusual for me, busy because i covered a lot of events, and unusual because i spent most of the month in Goth looks.

After Fantasy Faire I must admit i was totally exhausted, not just from covering the event, but from basically living at the Faire sims for days, but exhausted and excited since i got to enjoy those wonderful builds for hours and hours.

After Fantasy Faire i officially covered several events, Keep calm and keep shopping, The Summer Beauty Festival and The World Goth Fair. By the way the Goth Fair donation has been made all transactions and receipts can be found here. I´m honestly out of words for how much i enjoyed being a part of this event, it has been probably my favourite so far this year, it had a flawless organization and openness, that no words can describe, and certainly not my clumsy english.

Soon coming from Axi and the gang will be also OopsKate, the link directs you to last years entry on the event, and i can´t wait to join in on Rupert´s birthday celebration, during next month, but i will bring you more info on that soon.

This month i blogged a Chic Management event officially for the first time, their two year birthday event CHIC², started yesterday and will be going on until the 24th.

Also blogging officially as a Ego Co. press member, is Mesh Around, I totally amazed with the exposure the hunt received, to be honest i never expected for people to go hunt like this, not that had little faith on the event and organization, but because it´s a new event, that is happening for the first time. And honestly the turn out is becoming legendary and hunters are iming shop owners tanking them for their generosity, i feel honestly grateful to be able to share this experience with everyone involved. I can´t wait now for Fluid to start.

That´s the usual round up of events for the next few days, as usual i´m also bringing you other events i stumble into, and that i usually cover, later on the week i´ll bring also a store opening and more pretty stuff from around the grid. So expect my usual peeks at COLLABOR88, The Dressing Room, The Dressing Room Blue,  and FaMESHed.

Also at the end my own vanity moment, when i was blogged by the lovely Geanna Lanley for her blog shotmesl, you can find her pics of me  here. I now feel extremely vain and proud, and it was wonderful to meet Geanna inworld and to be featured in her blog.

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