Who´s the Culprit?


I am, i have to admit i did it, it´s all my fault, i have to admit i have an issue, and the issue is… i´m nuts about landscaping and decorating.

That´s why i was jumping with joy when i got the message that Apocalips Japan new rebranding into Culprit was finally over, and after months of wait to see all their already pretty stuff take on a new twist and this time in mesh.

As i mentioned before i am a frequent poster in SLUniverse and there is where i met this amazing team of talented and incredibly amazing content creators. Over time i have come to see the concepts developing, improving and changing  until finally the store was set up.

And i don’t think i ever did a shop opening blog post before , but though this shop was well worth it, they have such a huge variety of furniture, lighting, decoration pieces, for indoors and outdoors i was incredibly amazed how it all came together in a few months.

And of course  could never show you all the amount of amazingly detailed pieces that are at the shop. I can leave you with a link here to go visit them inworld and show a small preview of what is available and a couple of the things i bought.

Have i mentioned lately how i adore mesh furniture?

Two of my new acquisitions for the house, yes i started with the big things, and will slowly go thru all the other smaller ones.

Summerhouse Red Cedar

 Old Covered Bridge Weathered

After this blog post I decided I should give some time to blogging at least one of my favorite shops per month, let´s see how that goes.

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