Shops that i like part 2 – lassitude & ennui


A couple of weeks ago i did a blog post on a shop opening, i had never done one before and i actually loved it, i don´t think shops get enough exposure, sure we get to see all the new release, and all the items on blogs, but not much of the actual shops themselves, and today, just having a inworld store is a rarity sometimes, and i really enjoy it when not only there is a inworld store, but it´s a pleasant place to shop at, and somehow reflects the owner´s taste and looks.

 I´ve said several times i´m not much of a shoe person, which is weird for a woman, not that i don´t like shoes, is just something i don´t honestly like spending too much time worrying about, i do worry if i am wearing the right shoes, and that is why i always go for classic looks, and versatile shoes to wear. And here comes one of my favorite shops, and my number one options for footwear, which is lassitude & ennui, you can visit their blog here.

I already knew the shop for some years, but what changed it all and made it my favorite, was the coming of mesh, Jackal´s Ennui talent really shines, and every single mesh release made me come back to the store for more. My avatar is not very tall and i always had issues with most heels, stilettos simply do not work for me, my favorite pair of shoes became my cute boudoir mules, that i wear with anything formal, these you will have to pry from my dead cold hands.

But enough about shoes, i wanna talk a little about the shopping experience itself, I love the shop, it´s why i included some pictures of it, i love shopping inworld, i usually use the marketplace for looking up stuff and see where the shop his, for random browsing, to look up shops slruls (creators please put your inworld location in the marketplace, it´s a wonderful tool for all shoppers), and i use it to just get something fast if i´m in a rush but already know the product, so i do love shops, and i love the layout of this one, the open space makes me feel alive, i love walking thru the ruins while i look at the displays on the boards.

There is nothing more comforting than shopping for shoes, while walking barefoot on grass.

Location: lassitude & ennui mainstore – slurl

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