I now have a facebook page


I did it, i caved in and was very impressed with it, I always felt relunctant in connecting my RL info with my SL one, but i wish most of the times i could press a lot of facebook likes, but now i can actually do it I can play with my facebook as Ely, and update a bit more besides my blog posts, also it´s amazing to see how big the SL comunity is on facebook.

I had heard Strawberry Singh, talk about it all the time and was actually curious but kept delaying actually doing it, btw you can follow her here, it seems so far, and i only have like an hour of playing with it a very simple, and amazing tool to share and interact with the whole SL community.

So far this is my header, and i´m slowly learning how to share random thougths and ideas on a more organized and visual way, so feel free to share contacts with me, so we can all keep in touch. While I slowly learn the limitations and advantages of this new medium.

You can find me here.

ETA: Here is a guide for making your own Facebook page  made by Strawberry Singh.

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