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I´ve been meaning to write about templates for sometime, but i keep forgetting, until today, I wasn´t even going to blog today since i had no time to take pictures yesterday and was absolutely exhausted but, while discussing with friends about templates, and after we talked, i looked up at pics from one event and saw the same shirt in it being sold by several people.

But my issue is not that the same people are using the same templates, in this event for example this top appeared at least being should by 3 different shops, one of the shops didn´t even bother to make a unique texture for it, they just simply used the ones that came with the mesh template, and the template add, even worse is i have seen a dress being sold a few weeks ago, where they didn´t even bother doing anything at all and jus applied the shading texture to the mesh.

There have always been templates in SL i even own some and i usually used them for silly stuff, a funny t-shirt to gift a friend, or make bf a t-shirt he couldn´t find. The thing with mesh templates and what is actually bothering me are basically two things, i see on the marketplace almost exact copies of other stores mesh models, i do know this happened before with sculpts, yes i do, but the way it became balant is scary, i´ve seen several models from amazing stores that i know are original models, being imitated and sold as templates for pennies, a week or so later they are all over a bunch of events some with the either no original texturing at all and some with the textures that came on the template pack.

The thing is as a shopper this scares the shit out of me i see a huge second market showing up with lower quality mesh with hardly any texturing and it scares me how these people can actually call themselves creators, and why are they in so many events selling half of them the same thing.

It also makes me upset to see a few other templates out there badly rigged, these are a lot more expensive, but the rigging on them makes me cringe. In the meanwhile there are very good templates for sale, but these we don´t see about much, they will show up every now and then, and usually with better textures, and also clearly not a cheap copy of someone´s else models.

All this rant, just to say, i think templates can be a good tool, but only when used wisely and well, i expect a bit more work from someone before i call them a content creator.

And i dint´want to make this blog post a hateful one, I don´t believe it´s ok to just come around and say this is bad or ugly, that is not proper criticism, i wish i would see these creators put more effort into their work, more elaborate texturing, the adding od small details, that could even be a mix of sculpts and mesh, I know very well mesh is not for everyone, it takes time to learn it´s even harder to rig, my advice to those who work with templates, make them your own.

If you can´t find good textures, there are hundreds of good texture sellers in SL, that offer, original cute and excellent quality fabric textures, If you have problems with modeling and rigging there are people who can´t texture and will gladly form a partnership with split profits. If you can model but not rig there are quite a few people out there that will do the rigging for a price or a commission. There are workarounds around these issues, that help the whole community.

And i´ll leave an afterthought for event organizers also, how do you think your event looks like when at least 3/4 items in it are exactly the same?

Anyways this also comes about with a meme i usually don´t do these, but i was tagged on one by Sion Pearl  over at parthenoid, and this relates to question number 5.

1. What does Second Life mean to you? 

Means way to much time and money all spent in a good cause, and usually good product, that sometimes can be life changing.

2. If you could do anything in SL and know you’d be successful, what would you do?

Trees and plants and cover the whole grid with them, all kinds of trees and plants.

3. What is the best thing that ever happened to you thanks to SL?

I met my RL boyfriend in Sl and a lot more amazing people.

4. What do you think we as a community could do to improve SL? 

There is only so much a community can do to improve something, at the moment the community itself does a lot, while LL doesn´t, a good example is the current SLB9 celebrations, where everything was payed and organized by the community alone.

5. Your biggest SL fashion pet peeve? (Please illustrate with a picture of yourself doing it!) 

Here it is my biggest pet peeve when it comes to fashion, lazy template use, and here i am doing it myself.

Shape: mine
Skin: Skin: Mynerva – Milena
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer  – Eyelashes – Groomed
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Anais
Bracelet: House of Rain – Crysania
Top: Wiggle Time by Elysium Hynes 
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss 

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  1. A-template-men. It’s hard enough shopping for mesh let alone finding out that the really neat shirt you bought for 300L is at another store with the exact same texture for 50L.

  2. It’s Wiggle Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great post Ely! I agree with everything. I really hope to see more shoppers educated about what templates are out there and which to watch out for when it comes to rigging. I don’t think anyone would pay 100L for a shirt at an event if they knew they could get the exact same full perm version for 200L on marketplace. Can’t control what people will sell or buy but as long as the shoppers know what they are getting I feel a bit better.

  3. I am nothing but a shopper in Sl … a very avid, lover of shopping that, have I mentioned i love to shop?!!? Guess what. I am bored. It is all the same and more of the same. There is nothing risky, nothing edgy, nothing fun. It is all paper bag baggy, boring same old thing over and over. I have $L and I am not spending or I am going into fringe things instead of mainstream fashion looking for a fix.

    I am so going to start looking at the templates on Marketplace, something as a pure consumer I would have NEVER bothered to do before.

    k .. it was on my mind, your post inspired me, I will go back to shopping … (btw I have seen the trends come and got for the last 8 years but this latest fashion trend is by far the most boring ..)

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