A blogger challenge and my usual tldr blog post of the month


Well let´s start with a bloggers challenge shall we? Earlier today Alice Demonia, hair maker and plurker extraordinaire, linked this pretty cool tumblr Men Sitting in Fancy Chairs, and it is totally filled with awesome pics of models and actors just lounging about in one big chair, looking pretty amazing, so i thought, we totally need this for SLers, so here is my challenge, for bloggers and anyone else willing to try: SLers Sitting in fancy chairs, so please add your pictures to the flickr group, i´ll have my own entry for the challenge soon.

Here are the rules: A person in a chair, you don´t even have to be sitting, it doesn´t even have to be fancy, i just love the mood of those pics, and ask people to find their own mood, either for their own personality or a character. Simple rules no?

So what else has been going on? Events and more events all over SL while FaMESHed, has just started Fairy Tales in 2012, end on the 8th, the day COLLABOR88 starts and these are just the tip of the iceberg, still going on is the second edition of Fluid by  The Ego Co., and Summer by the Sea Gacha Festival, has just started over weekend, and over next weekend is also time for ZombiePopcorn, also something we´ve been waiting for a year is Hair Fair, what can i say? I´m a sucker for hairs and the Wigs for Kids is a charity i can totally stand behind.

That´s about it for the past and the next month, i was gonna post this yesterday but sleep deprivation is still taking it´s toll on me to be honest, see you all later and have a wonderful friday and weekend.

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