Shops that i like part 3 – Illusions


I said i would do this bit once a week but aparently i lied because it has been a bi-weekly blog post, but i am still doing it, taking some snaps of some of my favourite shops in SL, first it was Culptrit, then lassitude & ennui and this time it´s Illusions.

Siyu Suen has been in SL since 2006, a for years she has made some of the best if not the best masks in SL, detailed a wonderfully crafted, but with the coming of mesh and it´s adoption to mask making and not only, have they become more detailed, but the possibilities are now endless, as i´ve seen from Illusion´s new mesh ear releases.

I picked this store today not just for their products tho, when i write these shops that i like blogs i try to measure the whole shopping experience and what i know about the creator, and that usually includes the shop itself, and the Illusion´s shop inworld is something to see, the huge majestic building, with the small houses down the hill, the classic bridges, the shiny water, does bring us to a small inspired Venice, perfectly fitting for the store contents, making it such a wonderful shopping experience.

So even if you´re not planning on shopping, plant at least a visit to explore the sim, and be engulfed in it´s mood, you never know you might stumble into a masquerade ball where Siyu is djing herself, and masked people great you like an old friend.

Illusion´s blog

Illusion´s Flickr group

Location: Illusions at Carnivale: The Isle of Masks

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