Under my skin


I never did a skin review, and i´m so new at this i even gave it a obviously punny title, something i seem to have got going on lately, but pardon me because it is my first please.

Today i bring some bad news and some good news, and as usual at least when it happens to me in real life i ask please hit me with the bad news first, so here it is, sadly Nomine, just release their last non-fantasy skin, it´s called The Nephilim line, and it´s perfcet for those who like me in rl are sun-challenged, this set of very pale skins will be the last and the same will happen to the male skins also.

Now this is the bit where i bring in the good news, right? And those are that Nomine will be only making Fantasy skins from now on, so at the end of the day Munchflower Zaius, is simply focusing on what she does best, which is work on fantasy items, and that´s pretty awesome news.

Anyways back to the skin, i tried to show as much has possible to show all that is available for the skin, the 5 beautiful pale tones, from an almost pure white to the still pale but human, and the wide range of makeups available, that go from the usual bare, to a more sci-fi, fantasy or sexy look.

So anyways drop in at Nomine store and try a demo if not just to say goodbye to the store´s last human skin, in the mean while fantasy reigns, and will be out soon i´m sure.

Shape: Mine
Skin: Nomine –  The Nephilim
Hair: booN – YNO421
Bikini – Artilleri – Jeanette 

Poses by Long Awkward Pose (not available anymore)
Windlight: Strawberry Singh – Closeups (no Shadows)

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