Big Events


Are coming to Sl, first and starting next Saturday is Hair Fair, in the meanwhile you can and probably should, join this group: Hair Fair DEMO Group, which is open and it´s free to join in, and most creators will be sending out thru it, demos of their new releases for the fair, i think i still keep last years folder with demos, yes i need to clean up my inventory.

Joining the group will allow you to try most of the new stuff from the comfort of your own house/garden/cave/platform/dungeon, making it easier later for shopping and avoiding all the lag usual at these big events.

And speaking of lag, i´m gonna talk now a bit about events and how to best navigate thru them, we all know events are laggy, a sim can only take so much, things like worn scripts, waiting at the sim boundary to get in, put a lot of stress on it, especially when the sim itself has several scripts running already, textures, and prims, especially flexi ones, can really affect your shopping experience, so script down, tone down, this is what i usually do myself.

For blogger previews, i pick a simple outfit. usually a simple system shirt and jeans, with no scripted items, mesh hair, and a simple pair of flats, and my AO, which is pretty smartly scripted, at most i will trow in two sculpted prims for the jeans flares (i might wear mesh tho this year).

For actual event opening days i wear nothing at all, but a simple invisible layer over my avatar, so if you see a ghost, bumping you at any event, with my name tag on, sorry i bumped you.

Another thing i usually do is, do i see avatars nearby? Derender, mute, now you don´t. Less lag for me, all i have to do later is simply clean up my mute list, yes i mute my friends too, and they understand. Because when i´m at events i wanna shop, i wanna see releases, and apparently i´m also bumping you whilst invisible ( did i say i was sorry for that).

I do all these things because i want to be able to see some of the event, i don´t want to crash the sim, i want the vendor scripts to work well so i don´t have to send ims and notecards to creators about missed deliveries, and i don´t want my acount balance to jump up and down from negative to positive, i´m pretty selfish like that, i don´t really care about others, i just want to make my shopping experience good. And now moving on to more events?

Do you remember Festival of Sin? Well i certainly do and i love themed events myself, well the organizer of Festival of Sin RubyStarlight, along with a few other, Elysium Eilde (Elymode), Garrett Ceriano and Magenta DeVinna, form the basic core of The Hottie Cooterati Experience, that will bring us Zodiac, a monthly event themed by the Zodiac signs, the first one being Leo and starting at the end of this month.

I´ll be part of the blogging staff and bringing you as much news as possible. In the meanwhile keep an eye on Hottie Cooterati Experience blog and Zodiac´s Flickr group.

P.S. Sorry i bumped you that one time at COLLABOR88, and probably at The Dressing Room also.

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