Hair Fair 2012 – Curious Kitties


Another day and more hair, as i´ve been doing for this past weeks, slowly going thru some, not all of course of the shops in Hair Fair, which has been pretty amazing this year, with a wide variety of, prim and mesh hair, casuals and formals, regular and fantasy, all sorts for all tastes.

But today i bring you Curious kitties, and a more fantasy look on a simple background so not to clash with all the vibrant colours, all HUD adjustable, also it´s available at the shop an awesome package of summer gifts so i advise anyone looking for some essentials, or just to make themselves familiar with the shop to stop by.

As usual we have a great attention to detail, easy customization and a lot of fun going on in your head, i´m also wearing one of the simpler versions of Sakide´s Ganache dress for this round of Zombie Popcorn, make sure to check all that.

But it slowly get´s dark and late here and is time for me to say goodnite and wait till tomorrow, since m Hair blogging is still far from over.

Hair: Curious Kitties – Sane (Hair Fair)
Skin: Curious Kitties Azil Moon (gift)
Dress: Sakide – Ganache (Zombie Popcorn)

Hair: Curious Kitties – Khandi/Emelia (Hair Fair)
Skin: Curious Kitties  Azil Whisp/Azil Snow(gift)

Hair: Curious Kitties – Memories/Faa (Hair Fair)
Skin: Curious Kitties Azil Orchid/Azil Ivy(gift)

Poses by aDORKable – Confident Leo (Zodiac)

Hair Fair:
Flickr Group
For Demos join the Hair Fair DEMO Group inworld

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