Neon Arcade


Vintage Fair starts on the 4th, saturday, and this is a small preview of what you can find there, well at least some of the 80´s inspired stuff.

The 80´s always make me feel like laughing and crying at the same time, i was born in 1978, so i remember most of it, even if only as a child i used to love the colours and the big hair, my aunt was 17 when the 80´s started so i lived a lot of thru her, and she was an inspiration for this post in a way, her and Pacman that where a huge part of my childhood.

Because while she looked always super cool and fashionable, listening to music and going out clubbing i was a silly awkward kid playing Pacman on my spectrum, since we never had an arcade in town. I just couldn´t get myself to sport big hair tho, it´s the part of the 80´s that makes me wan to cry.

I must admit when i saw this sweater at Vintage Fair i squeed, and laughed like crazy, because it must be one of the more 80´s sweater i ever seen, and i never tought someone could put a whole decade into one sweater, and that is what Vengeful Threads did.

Everything else was just so easy to put on and fitted it wonderfully, and it´s mostly Izzie’s, i must say i´m totally in love with the skin, i usually stick to my Mynerva and only change for blogging, but i´ve been living in this skin for a few days now and it´s growing on me, and making it hard to take off. The leggings the nails where just perfect for this outfit, and the headband and bracelets are a gift available at the Fair.

The Puckman machine from HopScotch comes with so many poses but unfortanly SL was being a pain on me yesterday and i only managed to get two pictures, one playing and another using one of oOo Studio´s amazing poses, hopefully i will get another 80´s inspired blog post before the Fair ends.

I don´t know if i´ll be able to write a blog post tomorrow, since tonite we celebrate my parent’s wedding anniversary, but i promise you guys some FaMESHed, new stuff soon.

Shape: mine 
Skin: Izzie’s  –  Eliza 80’s Skin yellow (Vintage Fair)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes 
Eyelashes: Maitreya – V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
Hair: Truth – Kirby
Sweater and belt: Vengeful Threads– Totally 80’s (Vintage Fair)
Leggings: Izzie’s – Metallic Leggings (Vintage Fair)
Boots: LAQ ~ Midcut Boots
Headband: Izzie’s – 80’s Headband (Vintage Fair gift)
Bangles: Izzie’s – 80’s Rainbow Bangles (Vintage Fair gift)
Nails: Izzie’s – 80’s Round Nails (Vintage Fair)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss

First pose by oOo Studio – Rouge (Vintage Fair gift)

Arcade game: HopScotch – Let’s play Puckman

List of direct slurls to the Vintage Fair shops

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