Sun over water


Again a mix of several events and a new release, as far as events go, first The Gallery Gift Shop, where you can find this cute long flowy mesh assembles from the boys at 22769, this time what amazed me more about this outfit available at TGGS, wasn´t the mesh, which i´ve notice has been improving in leaps and shows a certain level of maturity with working it that comes from hard work, but the texturing, i really enjoyed the texturing on these two pieces, it´s flowy and still geometric and of course i imagine this shirt was a pain to rigg like most long shirts, but it´s a very well done job.

Also from the TGGS is the makeup i´m wearing from [ Lucky #7 ] , and i wish they did more makeups like this one, it just screams colour and can basically make a whole look.

From FaMESHed, or fame shed or famished however you call it, we do love a nickname for our favourite events, is this gorgeous as usual Maxi Gossamer set, i´m not usually a fan of chains myself, but i really like these and they work with almost any outfit, again detailed mesh jewelry like these is hard to come by.

I´m also wearing a new release from booN, i had no idea they usually had the new releases for a discount sometimes, and just tought to myself, oh i haven´t checked booN in sometime i should pop there, and when i did i just fell in love with this hair, is cute and also works with a lot of looks, be it more naive or sophisticated.

For the skin i picked a slightly darker toned Al Vulo here since for some silly reason i haven´t blogged the brand in some time and i had this one just waiting to be used, after i grabbed it either at The Dressing Room or The Dressing Rom Blue some time ago.

I must admit i was in a bit of a rush to take the pics so i picked a simple background at some random location and forgot which poses i used which is inadmissible for me because i always try to credit the poses, sorry for that folks, i promise to be more careful with that next time, for today it´s all, i promise to come back tomorrow with more new releases, maybe some Vintage Fair and new events.

Shape: mine 
Skin: Al vulo– Candy
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes 
Eyelashes: Maitreya – V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
Hair: booN  – DQO010 
Outfit –  22769 – casual couture – Floating Sunset skirt and Zoe Blouse(The Gallery Gift Shop)
Jewelry – Maxi Gossamer  – Anette (FaMESHed)
Makeup: [ Lucky #7 ] – Passion Fruit

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