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Get Unhinged at 8


I blogged a few days ago about Unhinged, a Fundraiser event that starts today You can read all about it over at the official website and specially this beautiful and touching post by Nephilaine Portagonist: A love letter for Eku ❤, I personally subscribe to all that Neph wrote, for the past couple of years that i´ve known Eku my life became richer, and that is the best way to describe it, so here is a picture of Eku looking all cool in one of the event posters.

Picture and poster done by: Nephilaine Portagonist:

The event starts just in a few hours, kicking of at 8am (SL time) with The Doctor at the stage area, followed by Dj´s playing for the next 24 hours, with a wide variety of genres from Dubstep, to Oldbies, New wave and Goth and apparently “a whirlwind of eclectic music and a lot of swearing” From DJ Siggy Romulus, you can find the list of all DJ´s for the day here.

8 am is also the time the Gatcha and vendor area opens also, with an enormous variety of shops, joining this Fundraiser, the merchant list can be found here.

The pictures below where also done for use on the promotional posters for the event, and you´ll be able to find, copies of them and all related info by the landing area at the event. You can also see them and other pictures related to event on our Flickr group. Get ready everyone it´s almost time.

Model: Sonya Marmurek blogger at Astalianda and owner of the pose store with the same name, Credits can be found here: Unhinged

Model: Nicole Twigvald blogger at smileyorc and owner of Pose Monster and Skin Monster, Credits can be found here: Yum Yum for Unhinged