Interior Culprit


I rarely do house and decor posts, for several reasons, first ´m not used to them, so i´m always insecure about my pictures, and second it takes a lot of time, placing everything, making sure it fits all together, adjusting all items so nothing is floating about, and making sure you gave your space the right mood.

I also sometimes fail desperately at doing it, you need the proper mood, and items to do it also, but i spent all weekend decorating a prototype of a future release, that i will bring you all in more detail probably tomorrow, I´ll so do shortly after another blog post from my weekend landscaping, since i don´t mention house stuff so often i hope it´s not that bad.

But today i bring you furniture and decor, every single piece in these pictures are from one shop, Culprit, i´ve mentioned before i´d know Eku, her partner Yure and Humps from SLUniverse, where we are all semi regular posters, some years ago Eku imed me inworld out of the blue, and i can´t even remember what the subject was to be honest, truth is we´ve become friends since that day, earlier this year we found out about her serious health issues and a few friends got together and organized a fundraiser, if you follow my blog you probably heard about Unhinged already if now you can read more about it here: A love letter for Eku ❤, and i even featured Culprit before, in my shops that i like blog posts, (btw i must do a few more of those soon, it´s been a long time since my last): Who´s the Culprit?, when the store opened.

But it´s been a long time since i mentioned their awesome furniture, since this weekend Eku dropped me an im to ask my opinion on a new project, the cottage you see furnitured here, i decided it was perfect for my place, and also to showcase all the furniture at their shop, well at least part of it.

So it was a very busy weekend, not only the decorating the inside of the house, but also all the landscaping around it, such a busy weekend i had to cut it down in 3 blog posts, today i feaature furniture, tomorrow landscaping elements, and after the lovely small cottage itself.

I divided the inside of the house in four different areas, you have the kitchen, that fits perfectly under the sleeping area, the living room/lounging area, the small upper area for confy sleeping and random things and finally the small sunroom that is partially open, making it perfect to either do like i do which is to pile up random bits and bobs, or simply place on it a rocking chair for the warmer summer nites,.

Most of the furniture is mesh, with a few older sculpted items in between, making it all a mix and max of eclectic and sometimes cluttered proportions, which is just my thing.

Well i hope you enjoy my first proper post on decor, i hope there will be more soon, since the holidays are near and we all need christmas decor.

I hope everyone has a wonderful start of the week, may it not be so heavy as mondays usually are, and see you all tomorrow, with more House and Garden goodies.

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  4. I love it! The colours are so rich and warm. You make me jealous though. It must be a million prims? Sometimes I think about renting a full sim just for 1 week to set up my perfect house and yard lol, one weeks all I could afford.
    I love the front verandah especially, it’s perfect.

    • Actually i don´t think is that primy, the house for example is 37 LI, things like trunks and boxes are all mesh even bigger pieces like kitchen end up having a very low LI, all the landscaping elements including trees and such are also low prim, there is a lot you can with landscaping so a big area doesn´t look empty, so you then cause use most of prim on furnishings, i might actually keep house as it is for now. Mesh allows so much i´m constantly amazed by it.

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