Exterior Culprit


If you´ve been following my blog, you´ve already seen the interior of this house it´s the latest release from Culprit available now. L

ike i blogged yesterday i spend the weekend decorating and landscaping around it (check my blog post from yesterday for details: Interior Culprit), the picture is from the prototype i was sent over by Eku, when i got home last friday, and right away i fell in love with this adorable little cottage.

It´s mesh and has a total of 37 LI at the size it comes in, that alone made me wow, it´s also a full piece with working door, the design is simple (and the texturing is amazingly well done and detailed) and perfectly functional for Second Life, it reminds me a lot of my first ever SL house, a small more mediterranean little house, that was a mod from a freebie prefab i spent hours on, from aligning textures, to decorating it under a super low prim budget.

This house like my old one has a big empty area, which i separated into living room kitchen and a small upstairs area, and also includes the front porch, perfect for some vases with flowers, or a porch swing, and the little backdoor open sunroom, that in my case i used has a small pottery/gardening area. I also added a small greenhouse also from Culprit to the side of it and a few lawn chairs, i need a few more outdoor furniture soon.

Land Impact these days is as important as it always was, thru my 5 SL years i´ve seen how building evolved, from prim only builds to sculpties, and to the advent of mesh that was just taking it´s first steps about a year ago, SL changed, and it improved not in baby steps but in huge amazing leaps, I still remember when a small plot could barely hold anything, these days even with LL´s Linden homes, so much can be done.

So my hat off to all of the amazing SL creators, pushing it harder for everyone in quality and detail, but most importantly, usability, what good is a house if you can´t turn it into a home?

Tomorrow i´ll bring more pictures, this time landscaping ones, featuring all vegetation and building elements used, including ground textures, and i finally get to blog some of my favourite shops and the ones i spend more time at, until them i hope everyone have a lovely day, i´ll just sit here by the fire enjoying my new home.

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