Well i have certainly Pinterest fever, and so many events are going on inworld atm i´ve been pinning the all on Pinboards, since i found Pinterest, today i bring you a few finished boards:

The Dressing Room Fusion

The Black Market

– L’accessoires

– The Gallery Gift Shop

And two almost finished ones since the shop haven´t setup up all yet, or i´m pinning previews of events yet to open:


Lazy Sunday (opens tomorrow)

The Challenge (opens on the 28th)

In the meanwhile i started a new Spring inspired Pinbooard for new spring releases: Spring Fever.

You can find them all on my Pinterest account that you can either follow or simply keep and eye on my blog for updates on my pinboards, if you´re a creator or event organizer just drop me a line if i do any mistake or if you would like to help me pin things faster and better.

I hope you all have a wonderfull weekend with loads of goodies, rest and good time.

TDR Fusion

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