How does pinning work?


Well you all know by now i got myself a Pinterest account and have been pinning like mad since Valentines, since i found it was the perfect place to organize all the Valentine´s promotions and sales going around SL that day, since then i also started pinning events happening, mostly cause it´s easier for me as a shopper to have all the things in one place with a good easy to see presentation.

So i organize my pinning by event and when the event is complete i add an additional pin with date, when a new edition opens all i have to id simply add to that board, rinse and repeat, so if you look at my Pinterest you will see several boards in chronological order, the more recent ones are The Arcade, The Challenge, Zodiac, followed by events that have already started on the date seen as the last pin on it.

You will also see i have another board at top and that one is for random stuff i find around related to my current favourite theme which is spring at the moment. and theses will probably be seasonal.


Did you guys know you can pin directly from the Second Life marketplace? Why not make a whishlist pinboard so your friends can see what you would love have?

I hope everyone has a great start of the week with lots of pinning and shopping.

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