Skin Fair 2013 previews


As you all know skin Fair 2013 starts next friday and i´ve been going around the fair area pinning down stuff already set up to bring you previews, since there are two sims and around 80 or so merchants, this of course will take a little time. Even if i already did about half of them, expect more in a few hours when i return to pinning.

But you can catch a sample here on my Pinterest board about the event: Skin Fair.


Also another event i´m previewing is The Boutique which is brand new and starts on the 15th so you might want to keep and eye on that pinboard for updates. In the meanwhile you can and should check out all my other boards from ongoing events, there´s plenty of them as it is.

I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday i´ll be back soon when my pinning is underway.

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