As usual Sundays are Lazy


But is just not Lazy Sunday that is up you should also check my specials for the day The Nest Easter Egg Hunt as some amazing items and you can see them in my Easter Eggs pinboard and lets not also forget that Adore & Abhor celebrates their 5th Anniversary! with a lot of goodies with amazing prices from a bunch of cool shops that you can see here.


And also the middle of the month opened doors toa lot of events:

– Skin Fair

– The Boutique

– The Gallery Gift Shop,

– Genre

– L’accessoires,

The Black Market

Limited 50

– The Dressing Room Fusion

– Atelier Kreslo

Also still going strong are:

– The Arcade

– FaMESHed

– The Challenge

– The Mens Dept.


Sorry if i missed any guys, also check my constantly updated Spring Fever pinboard for latest releases and WIPs, blog posts and goodies, and i also added a few new sales to  Store Sales, One time Events, Hunts and Contests as well as some new goodies in Group Gifts. >For it´s all today i´m gonna go and enjoy my Sunday by being Lazy and doing some shopping.

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