Puss in Boots


As you all know i recently mentioned that Fantasy Faire was coming, and with that in mind i had to do a picture i´ve had in my head for ages.

Avatar: Yabusaka – Pookabi Mesh Avatar
Belt: Roadrunner’s Creations – Slingshot Holster Belt
Hat: Illusions – Cavalier Hat
Boots: lassitude & ennui – Assassin boots

Pose by Del May

You see the thing with kids is they get obsessed with things, be it characters, TV shows or games, and lately my nephew´s fascination with the Puss in Boots is at it´s height, and even knowing next week he´ll be fascinated with some other character, i had to do this picture for him (he loved it by the way), and it also comes back in full circle to the start of this post, and show how enthusiastic i am about Fantasy Faire and why.

I was always more of a sci-fi person then actual Fantasy, but SL sorta of changed it for me, and i grow more and more fond of Fantasy inworld, not only because of the excellent work i see creators put out but also because i go back to being 4 years old like my nephew, and suddenly the whole world is filled with dragons, monsters, and whatever creature my mind can come up with.

This is why i get so excited about events like Fantasy Faire, they bring a little back of the old SL slogan, Your world, Your imagination.

This post is also part of a sort of self-imposed challenge, at the start of the year i did an application so people could troll me and decide what i should blog, you can find it here and troll me, just keep in mind i am slow, and this is my first time doing.

Well Jackal Ennui wrote:

Blog as a furry!

I’m curious which is your inner animal, and how it is styled.

I´m afraid this is as close as i´ll ever be to a furry, and of course, human or not i´m always fabulous, with the right accessories, and plenty of swag, as for my inner animal, we all know it´s the lolcat, so this gorgeous avatar was just perfect.

That is all for todays folks, don´t forget to check out my Pinterest for updates and previews on events, I´ll see you all soon, with more news and ramblings.

Updated Events:

– FaMESHed

– The Challenge

Woeful Wednesday


Ongoing Events:

– Pose Fair 2013

– Atelier Kreslo

The Boutique

– The Dressing Room Fusion

– L’accessoires

– The Gallery Gift Shop

– Genre

– The Black Market

– Adore & Abhor’s 5th Anniversary!

– Zodiac

– The Mens Dept.


Coming Soon:

– The Garden

 Bees Through the Seasons


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