Pinning the Challenge and general rambling


As usual at the end of every month is time for The Challenge, which is already pinned, and tomorrow we have another two big events also starting FaMESHed has it´s huge one year anniversary edition wich is gonna be huge and pretty awesome, and The Box has it´s second edition, and i´l already pining previews for both, more going later tonite when i get home.


And now my ramblings, there has been a talk lately about events, well there as always been a lot of talk about events, some people like them, some don´t, truth is they are here to stay at least for now, cause you never know tomorrow, and it makes me sad when i see events not safeguarding themselves, not doing the right thing, that can come from simply following their own basic rules or common sense.

I´ve seen events that banned bloggers and other creators or events organizers, because they either don´t like them, or jut because, and whenever i see this i look at it in this way, if you did that in rl you would be loosing your business pretty soon.

I also see events not doing their job, either by not making a proper selection of the stores in them about their content, or simply ignoring balant copyright and ip infringement, well let´s put it this way no one can know everything, but damn it´s brought to your attention for one reason, because it´s part of your job, to listen and do something about, your events reputation depends on it, the creators who are in it depend on it, cause in rl you don´t sell your stuff next to the counterfeit guys if you can help it.

And in rl people who take their jobss seriously do it professionally at least as best as possible, and they get credit for what they do, the notion i get is that they also suffer consequences for what they do wrong, while in SL this doesn´t happen, at least not publicly.

I´m reponsible for few things in the virtual world, mostly for my blog and my Pinterest, and there i have few rules, don´t pin stuff you don´t have settings to do, some programs will allow pinning from blogs/flickr accounts that have the share setting off, i don´t use them, i fight lag to make my pins, i pin everything from shops that are way of my personal style, to things i would never wear, because i like the event.

The few things i don´t pin are in case they are offensive, and here i follow usual common sense, as my own discretion, ip infringement items, or places situations or shops that had no issues when both those two reasons of mine where pointed out to them. Funny is i simply stopped pointing out to people, when i found content i wasn´t able able to pin due to my own two rules. But there are out there a few shops i don´t pin, mostly due to those two reasons, and the way they reacted to them.

And why do i have these rules you my ask? Because my main obligation with both my blog and Pinterest are to myself, like your shop your event is to a you in general, and my next obligation is to a community that is a huge part of my life, and that is SL, because when i pin a shop using clear ip infringement items along yours, it does you a disservice, and i owe creators the respect they deserve for the work they put into their items.

My question really is how much respect are organizers showing when they ban people for childish reasons? Or when they allow all kinds of materials near your shop? How much respect are their showing to their own event and name and what precedent is being set to the whole community? The same one that made Rendorosity creators show little respect for SL ones, is what i believe.

Anyways this is not related in anyway to any of the events above, like i said just a general rambling of stuff in my head for too long, I hope you all have a awesome day and see you all soon, with more pinning and events. See there is a reason i don´ramble much is hard for me to get all the words out in the right way.

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