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Fifty Linden Friday and The Challenge pinning


As usual it´s Friday so i bring Fifty Linden Friday and because it´s the last day of the month we also have The Challenge, Later today Limited Bazaar and more previews, for all the events starting tomorrow. See you all later and TGIF.



Woeful Wednesday Pinning


As usual it´s Wednesday and time for another round of Woeful Wednesday, also don´t forget there are other boards, and a lot, and a mean a lot of awesome, happening on the 1st, not only the usual new rounds of FaMESHedThe Box and of course The Arcade, so guys keep an eye on those pinboards for previews.


Fifty Linden Friday pinning


As usual here is your friday pinning, at least half of it, i´ll bring you guys The Dressing Room Fusion later when it opens, but for now is Fifty Linden Friday time.

pinNote: Drift was not out yet at the time of this post and will be added later.

Woeful Wednesday and a new pinboard


Today i bring you two awesome things, first Woeful Wednesday finally after being inconsistent for a few weeks, but i also bring you guys a new pinboard called Attach to the right hand, for mesh attachments, and their add-ons, including shoes for specific mesh members systems. that sounds weird i know, but i need a special place for all my feet, their shoes, hands, nails, skin appliers, mesh heads, and all the meshy bits. So here it is i´ll grab you all laters with more news and updates.



Another Lazy Sunday


As usual here is you Lazy Sunday pinning, which is my favourite ting to do over breakfast one a Sunday, I hope yours is as sunny as mine is today, and you all have some fun shopping. See you all again soon with more info on events.


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As you all probably know by now that The World Goth Fair already started and today i talk about why this is one of my favourite events in SL. It happens every year and  is officially sanctioned by the folks at  World Goth Day  raising funds for the  Sophie Lancaster Foundation. A lot of people don´t know much about Sophie, i´ll confess i didn´t until last year, but those living in the UK might remember Shopie´s story.

Shape: mine
Skin: Jalwa- Jezebel (World Goth Fair)
Eyes: Beautiful Freak – Shopie (World Goth Fair)
Hair: Exile – Hearts Don’t Breakeven
Moth: Bliensen + MaiTai – Goth Moth – Hair Accessory (World Goth Fair)

On August 24th 2007 Shopie and her partner Rob where brutally attacked in  Stubbeylee Park, Bacup, Lancashire, Shopie didn´t survive this brutal attack. And you may ask why where they attacked? Because they where goths.

Because they dressed differently, they looked different, no i´ll take that back they where not attacked by that, they where not attacked by something they did, they were attacked due to hate, pure and simple, they were attacked because and by hate. Something Shopie´s mum is trying to fight, and she´s been doing it so bravely by leaving a huge legacy in Shopie´s name, thru The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

And this is why i picked this blog title, one of the Foundation´s major goals has been to educate people on hate and intolerance to all subcultures, but also work with authorities so that these sort of crimes are penalized as what they are: Hate Crimes. That is done thru constant work and talking, avoiding the silence people are so often pushed in too, by those who commit these sort of crimes.

It´s by talking about these issues that we show victims they are not alone and that we as a society don´t aprove of this sort of behaviour, and will do whatever is possible to call it out when we see it and say this is hateful and not ok, be it in whatever medium it shows it´s ugly face.

So it´s time we talk about people like Sophie, to whom hate had the ultimate consequence, it´s time to break the silence.

You can visit The World Goth Fair until the 31st of May and can window shop for all the charity vendors here on my World Goth Fair Pinboard. There is a lot i could say more, but sadly words fail me so many times, et´s just remember Sophie and all others like her who somehow where victims of hate, and let them be remembered as such a huge influence i a pat to change.