Home sweet home


I rarely do a blog post with so many pictures, but i rarely get to play with a house and customize it like this. So meet my new house, it´s rainbows and henna and a white rabbit, it´s also a beach and just colours, is basically everything i want it to be, but mostly it´s Culprit ´s  new store release, the Dragonfly Cottage.

Experiment N. 2 A rainbow in my heart

You guys are probably going hmm where are the Dragonflies? all i see is rainbows and weird looking houses, that seem the product of the mind of a child with too many crayons. Well the thing is the house does have a Dragonfly theme, and if you scroll down you will unedited pictures of both exterior and interior of the original cottage, which is actually the main thing behind this blog post. You see what happens is the house comes with AO Bake textures for interior and exterior walls, meaning you can change the outside and inside walls to your heart desire.

Experiment N. 2 Henna Sunrise

And that is exactly what i did here, taking inspirations from my friends, or just doing random weird things, i ended up with tests for different looks,  and random ideas for variations of the house. And the awesome bit is you can do the same, and customize your own house, and you can also enter the contest.

Experiment N. 3 I´m late

Yep there is a contest for best customization, and you can read all the info about it here, all you need is to buy the house and play with it, witch is really easy to do and loads of fun.

I  hope you guys liked this somewhat silly blog post, just remember to scroll down for more experiments, and pics of the original house as it came from the store.

Experiment N. 4 Palms and gulls

Experiment N. 5 Ivy and Cement

Experiment N. 6 Colour and Stripes

Unedited exterior pictures of the Dragonfly Cottage

Unedited interior pictures of the Dragonfly Cottage

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