Today´s pinning: Genre, The Garden and Summerfest’13


Today there are a lot of events i am starting with 3 of them that i managed to pin last nite and this morning, there might be a couple of shops missing but due to later setups, and that will be updated as soon as possible.

So for now i bring you from smaller to bigger Genre, The Garden and  SUMMERFEST ’13


Just please keep and eye open for more vents later, who also open today and i´ll be pinning during the day and blog when finished: Cosmetics FairThe Gallery Gift ShopL’accessoiresAtelier Kreslo and The Black Market and of course your annual Oopskate


Don´t forget all the other up and running events tho:

– FaMESHed

– The Box

– The Challenge

– The Mens Dept.

– We Love Role-Play

– Zodiac

– The Arcade

And my Regular boards that are constantly updated:

– Spring Fever

– Store Sales, One time Events, Hunts and Contests

– Group Gifts

– Attach to right hand

Have a great weekend everyone and just drop me a line if you find any mistakes, happy shopping.


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