A Clockwork Spiral


A Clock Work Spiral is “a shopping and music event featuring steampunk/goth, dieselpunk/goth and dark Victoriana to help raise money for the National Kidney Foundation.

This is the more direct and simple description from their blog, that you can find here, so from the 18th till the 22sd of this month i´ll be spending my days at the event pinning for you all the events specific items.

So if you´re a fan of the Genre like me and like to help another great charity i hope you get to drop in and check out this amazing build by Lokii Violet owner of :{MV}: and organized by the amazing Axi Kurmin who every year brings us World Goth Fair and Gothmas by Gaslight, and is one of my favourite SL Designers (House of RainPale Empress…) and organizer extraordinaire.

You can find all the other participating designers here and check out these few preview pics i took the other day while sneaking in to see Lokii´s work.

So keep an eye on my pinboard for the event for previews and a full list of the items at the event. See you all soon with more of what´s up and about SL.

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