New Pinboards and Updates


As usual i sometimes add new pinboards, sometimes by request sometimes by my own initiative, and is time to show them off, as well as mention new updates to already existing ones.

First my latest pinboard which i  called Bromance, and it´s basically a pinboard for all the men and with items for them.


Since this is a totally new pinboard i do appreciate all  your suggestions, and store recommendations.

 Next we have Pinning Hollows, mostly for all Halloween related special releases, gifts and events, or anything i stumble upon that fits this fun seasonal theme.


Also a little seasonal is my Falling Leaves pinboard one of the four seasonal ones where i pin down new release, blog posts and other things i like that find randomly on flickr, marketplace or other social media.


As usual there as also been a lot of new pins on my other regular boards, Attach to right hand, has been updated a lot last nite with news on all applier products, as well as a bunch of new products compatible with Slink hands and feet. And there is also a few more items in the Group Gifts, and also a lot more things happening on my Store Sales, One time Events, Hunts and Contests.

A big thank you to everyone who sends me suggestions, not just for these boards but also the regular events ones, as always i´m just a im or form away, and always ready to listen to new things to cover, so let me know guys.

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