Daily Archives: October 9, 2013

Regarding Pinning, Rules


As you all know my blog changed a lot since last February, my discovery of Pinterest and how it can be used to promote shops and events, made me reconsider my whole stance on blogging.

I never claimed to be a review blogger, in fact i think i´m personally terrible at it, i´m not the best of writers either, for several reasons, one of them being that english is not my first language, making it hard sometimes to express myself as clearly as i wish.

But when i discovered Pinterest i was gladly making a pinboard with all the valentine´s special promotions i could find and that made me realize how easy it was asvehicle for sharing info with other residents, even with it´s limitations this is the best tool i have found so far to do what i always wanted to do since i started this blog, which was basically to go around the grid looking for new cool stuff others might enjoy also.

Has you all know there is only so much a blogger can show, only so much time in the day to take pics, work on them and put together a blog post, so many stuff is left behind due to lack of time mostly, but suddenly i could do that, i could showcase a huge amount of items in a pleasant organized way and i was in heaven, still am, because i found i tool that allows me to do what i do enjoy about SL, seeing the creativity and craftmanship and also be able to share it others, or basically, pointing and saying look at all the pretty things.

Well since this shift i took my few blogging rules with me, no pinning/blogging of ip/copyright/trademarked content, no grossly offensive material. I know i´m not very good with rules, but these two have been working for me so far and i have no intention of changing them, those who know me, or follow my blog also know i try to stick with them to the best of my capacity and knowledge.

That being said i have very few exceptions to my pin everything policy and those exceptions come from those two simple rules, for the past months i have omitted two stores from my pinboards, those stores are Ionic and Burley/Taketomi the reasons for that can be found here, i advise those who are interested in reading about who they buy from to read it, to me as a customer it is important information, and i appreciate it.

Now for a few months i tried continuing to pin events where these stores where present, but and i´ll be very honest it bothered me. I don´t want my name associated with any of them, and i don´t want to knowingly send customers their way in any way since i don´t condome this sort of behaviour/content. So I´m no longer pinning any events either shop are in or associated with.

I´m pretty honest about my rules and enforcement of those, and usually take everything on a case by case basis at the end of the day this is my blog and my Pinterest account, and they are both my responsibility. The same responsiblity i have to myself as the main person to answer too, followed by the responsibility i have to my readers/followers, and that´s why i am writing this blog post, to explain how it all works in the end, and have transparency on how those rules are applied.

Again for questions or doubts i am always available and can be poked at any time. I´ll be back soon with more pins this week was a bit hectic with internet issues and busy, busy rl.