Gothmas by Gaslight part 1


A bigger question than what noise is done by foxes, is: How do Goths celebrate the Holidays? And that´s easily answered with the return of Gothmas by Gaslight, that comes back again this year with dark colours, skulls, and of course loads of style.

This year the event grew bigger and it stretches for 2 sims, one Adult, Cursed and the other Moderate, Sium (that´s a familiar name). Since the event is so big, not all pins are finished, this blog post being part 1, part 2 coming when all it´s ready and done, and pretty soon, sorry for the delays, but the 15th is always crazy for me.

Now let´s all celebrate and embrace Gothmas, for the holidays, see you all soon with more news and events.


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GxG 2013 Merchant List

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