2013 a year in review part one


Hello guys and here i am starting a new year, and also looking back to the past one, boy it´s been a busy, crazy and mostly awesome year.

First let me show you guys my one resolution (i never make them, but i really needed this one), my brand new Google Calendar for pinning events, and i´m slowly adding stuff to it, January looks calm, but February will be insane. You guys might be asking why am i sharing it? Well a friend asked to subscribe to it so i made it public and available to everyone.

Now about the past year, what can i say it was a big year with a lot of events, gatchas and an amazing 2 month summer holiday, where i ignored you guys totally, not cause i don´t like you all, but because RL is always the priority for me.

But truth is nothing of this, and i mean everything of this would ever be possible without the help of my friends, all those people in the backstage that keep cheering me on, telling me when i´m wrong and should give things a second look and tought, and overall helping out, one of the persons that deserves the credits for your complete Fifty Linden Friday is Nicole Twigvald, she´s been religiously helping me out with FLF pins since day one, and i sometimes forget to mention her, cause i´m a bad friend.

Well like i said this is the first of a two part looking back blog post, and i have been doing that whilst compiling my Best of… pinboard, and going thru each board one by one, making a list and repining my favourites from the past year, and truth is I am far from over 73 pins so far and i´m halfway thru my list, feel free to browse thru what´s up there so far, and if you have the time drop an im to those creators and let them know you really enjoyed their work in the past year, and you wish them the best for this new one.


Now let´s talk about the next years? As usual i´m planning ahead and for that, and so that i can also answer your needs i started this: Suggestion Box where anyone can leave their opinion, for improvements, suggestions or even randomly babble about the weather.

Again guys seriously it´s been a long year, thanks for all the support, and i don´t mean just the follows, but the odd random ims i still get from strangers saying thanks, that makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Happy New 2014


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