New and Regular Pinboards news


As you all know i love a seasonal pinboard, and this one is really special, since it was my first a year ago, My Funny Valentine, that was renamed this year and it´s filled with Valentine´s themed, gifts, releases, sales and events (if you know more, or own a shop with some drop me an im and i´ll add you).


Another board that is a lot more recent is mostly for resources, be it a tutorial, a blog that offers info on editing, to full perm templates and is a place where i collect my Creators and Bloggers resources.


Speaking of recent boards i started Bromance a few months ago just for the men, while my regular ladies, unisex an Home and Garden releases go in Winter Came at least until spring arrives, You can also check Group Gifts for group gifts but not only, i also stick random freebies and cheapies there.

As for announcements those all go into Store Sales, One time Events, Hunts and Contests, a pinboard for art shows, shop sales, hunt posters, and all sorts of events happening about.

Finally but not less important, is probably one of my busiest pinboards, Attach to right hand where every mesh attachment goes, along with add-ons, appliers and general meshy goodness.


As usual i´m always looking for improvements, and i have a Suggestion Box so you guys can tell me what else you would like to see and if there are ways i can change to make it easier on you all.

I´ll see you all later with more news and events.

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