Getting ready for Skin Fair


You all know i love events, from the smaller weeklies, to the smaller charity, to the usual monthlies, but nothing gets me moving and bringing out the spreadsheets like a big event.

Last year this was the first big one i pinned and now Skin Fair is back. I´m at the moment, getting ready for it, by grabbing some previews for you guys, mostly from Flickr, but manly organizing my huge spreadsheet with almost 130 shops that take part of this year`s edition.

1And you guys might think but, it´s only on the 14th why are you starting so early? Well it´s a 3 sim wide event, the shops include not only skin makers, but also makeups, and i want to the best possible pinning, with slurls to specific booths, and have it out on time for opening, so preparing starts today.

See you all soon with more news and events.

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