30L Saturday pins


Your usual round of 30L Saturday took me a little longer to pin this week, not due to time but because, t as a few extra vendors most RFL ones, since RFL season started already and these will start popping up.

So here it is time for bargains and some charity, see you all in a bit with more news and events.


Stores in this Edition

EK Studio Project
Velvet Whip
On a Lark
RVi Design
United InshCon
Sweet revolutions
Libby’s roleplay props
!go! (not out yet)
Flecha Creations
Torvis Weapons
PPK roleplay items
For F’s Sake
Moonlight Shadow [“Moon_Sha”]
Arachne Silks
Sweet Poison
Tharyn Design
Sweet Kajira
Fabled (not out yet)
Soul Effects
Floor Candy
May’s Soul
Les Encantades
Fantasy China 
Decadent Courtesan

3 responses »

  1. I for one do not like that the inworld list no longer has pics. The pin rest is a clutter of crap that you have no clue when it is on sale or not. I for one will not long being shopping the 30L list it is too confusing and time consuming for me.

    • Hello Winter, 😀
      Well since i´m not responsible for the event and i simply pin it like i do with a lot more events, i don´t know why this week the designers list didn´t include photos like previous rounds, maybe you should contact the organizers about that and how it´s necessary for you shopping.
      Like i said i do this on my own time and of my own choice, i know Pinterest is not for everyone of course and has limitations, like any platform, and like any platform it´s also only modifiable by it´s owners/creators, and sadly i am not one either.
      Please if you found that any of my pins was incorrect i´m always available to fix it in the best possible way, an im to Elysium Hynes is the fastest way to aproach me atm since i am currently inworld, and i will gadly do any changes to clarify my pins, within what is possible.
      Thank you for commenting i apreciate all feedback i get since it helps me make sure the boards are as clear as possible and helps me fix mistakes i might have comminted in my haste, it´s also a way for me to know how i can improve my work and the overall experience of it.
      And please don´t feel shy to im me i´m always a im away.

  2. Hello winter, we are really sorry to lose you as customer, we just want to reassure everybody that 30L Saturday will keep on offering pictures on the next regular rounds. This weekend is very special to us since we are helping Relay For Life raising money to fight cancer, so we are grateful to bloggers like Elysium that are helping us, with pins, blogs, advertising, etc. This week it’s for a good cause, so let’s relay 🙂

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