Enchantment pins


Well every 3 months we have a new round of Enchantment, this one is different tho and works on a different system, I´ll explain it simply so everyone can do it, It´s idiot proof, and proof of that is that i just did a round thru all shops to fill up and redeem my card, and you guys know how i have the ability to screw up simple things.

step 1 – Visit any of the shops in the event, list and Slurl below.

setp 2 – Buy one of the special items for the event, inside the item folder you just bought, there will be an item called: Enchantment-Sleeping Beauty Stamp Card, now what you do is you attach the card to yourself (I attached mine to the forehead, cause it´s the kind of silly thing i do).

setp 3 – Click the stamp machine at the store, then tp around all stores clicking all the cute stamp machines, until you have all 20 stamps (you´ll know how many you have by clicking the stamp itself)

set 4 – Profit? Once your card is filled you can go to the special prize area and trade it in for one of the special prizes, remember thhe cards are transfer, so you can fill out one and send it to a friend and alt or your mum.

It´s not that complicated, and you can also join the Enchantment Upgrade Group for help, don´t be shy, the people in it are friendly and polite, so here is the Pinboard link, and list of participating shops below, let me know if i missed or misplaced anything guys.

But most importantly of all, have fun, I´ll be back again soon with more news and events.


 Stores in this Edition

The Annex
anc Ltd.
Mina Hair
!bang poses
Violent Seduction

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