World Goth Fair pins part 1


For those who know me, they know this time of year my heart get´s a little darker and a whole lot gothier, because today it´s another year and World Goth Fair 2014 starts, i´ve written a lot of times about how much i love this event, and how much i enjoy being a part of it, not just thanks to the amazing folks at Cursed Events, or the Charity involved The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. it was one of the first events i blogged ever, and the group a small sl family for me.

So guys without further delay and talk, i´ll save that for later in a more detailed blog post i bring you part of World Goth Fair, when we celabrate a way of life and most of all community.

See you all soon with more news and events.


World Goth Fair – Cursed (adult)- build by Lokii Violet)
World Goth Fair – Sium (moderate) – (build by Fox Nacht)
World Goth Fair – Port Seraphine (general) – (build by Dolce Blackflag)

(Every pin has a direct slurl to the respective booth, and gatchas to gatcha area i Sium)

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