World Goth Fair part 2


Well i´m finally finished with my World Goth Fair pins well except for a couple of missing pins here and there, which will be added today,as i go thru all the booths and the Official Bands hoodies, it´s all done, so perfect for some window shopping and to organize your gothy goodness shopping cart.

As you all know by now  World Goth Fair 2014 is and event by the good peeps at Cursed Events, as usual the charity involved is The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

I promise updates as soon as possible and more goodies, also remember since this is goth we´re talking about here there are a number of Music events you can come and listen too, and also hang out with a bunch of crazy goth peeps, so let´s all get our goth on, cause black is certainly the only black.

I´ll be back in a bit with more news and events.



World Goth Fair – Cursed (adult)- build by Lokii Violet)
World Goth Fair – Sium (moderate) – (build by Fox Nacht)
World Goth Fair – Port Seraphine (general) – (build by Dolce Blackflag)

(Every pin has a direct slurl to the respective booth, and gatchas to gatcha area i Sium)

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