Hi my name is Elysium Hynes, and i am a SL resident.

All pictures in this blog are taken in Second Life, a virtual world filled with wonders and possibilities, where you can be or do anything, also a bubbling community of builders, explorers or entertainers and oh so much more.

This is my little corner of SL, mostly focused on fashion, with some home decor and landscaping items in between, I also do some shop specific post every now and then, about shops that i like.

Now for some clarification points:

1- I don´t have a proper review policy i do get review copies and no i don´t mark them as such, i usually mention which events i am blogging officially, and i am on the bloggers list group of some stores that i really like, or otherwise make interesting content to me, i don´t mark those either, first because it is tacky, and second because this is my blog my rules, and like most things in both SL and RL, i have simple good sense based rules. But rest assured i am honest and if i say i bought something is because i did.

2-Unrequested items sent i can´t garantee to blog, i wish there was enough time and space in the universe to BLOG ALL THE THINGS, but unfortanly there isin´t, i will always try to blog as much as possible, even if it´s way out my usual looks.

3- I don´t mind trying new things, only thing i don´t really do is nude/racy/lingerie pictures, i neither like fur much even in pixels, yet i don´t mind have Ely smoke, is all a matter of taste and personal limits.

I keep forgetting to make a list of all events i officially blogged so i tough this could be a nice place to do if not only to keep track of them since there are so many wonderful event´s in SL


Pose Fair
Fantasy Fair
Summer Beauty Festival
Goth Fair
Hair Fair
Vintage Fair
Gothmas by Gaslight

For The Ego Co.Mesh Around(Hunt) and Fluid(bi-Weekly poses and props event)
For Zombie Popcorn Brand – Bi-weekly event
For The Hottie Cooterati Experience – Zodiac (monthly event)


Four Walls Hunt

The main focus of my blog is usually events, i simply adore them, i wish i could visit all of them, unfortanly i can´t either, i wish i could every item of every event, and them some, just remember i´m slowly learning and improving, we all look back at our earlier pictures and thing oh my god that looks nasty, being your worst critic in  a balanced way works for me, but i appreciate every single critic i get hoping it will let me improve.

Thanks very much for reading please contact me with any opinions or suggestions.

Love, Ely

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