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Merry Wintersday


Is how we say in Guild wars 2 and what i want to say to all my friends and readers for such a wonderful and amazing year, we do celebrate Christmas here in RL although i´m not a religious person so i like the sound of this greeting that fits me as a gamer. So whatever holiday you celebrate or not i hope it´s all well and filled of love.

Gravity Loss


Sometimes a sentence, an image, a video, a feeling inspires you, sometimes bloggers get stuck, not always for lack of ideas or inspirations, sometimes you´re just stuck and need a good kicking to get the engine going, well if you´re stuck you can turn to the [SL] Blogger Support group, i know i do quite  a few times, for tutorials, for locations, for a nudge or a helping hand, but now you can reach out for inspiration also with the new Inspire me weekly cues to help you out, with concepts.

I didn´t need the group help for these tho although it would certainly fit the Second Life and music category, since these where actually inspired by a video of Woodkid´s Iron, some people might remember the song from the Official Assassin´s Creed Revelations trailer, and it´s such a powerful video and music i´m sure it will inspire a lot more pictures.

I really enjoy these sort of composites, i sometimes moan and groan about how hard they are since it involves a lot of patience and SL collaborating with me and not crashing me half way thru it, but i was lucky yesterday and managed these, I´m not sure if the best way to show a house is to catapult yourself thru it, but this skybox is from Abyss and it will be available at The Men´s Department today, and seems a bit of a study of one of my favourite poses store, Adorkable including the amazing Falling set at this months My Attic.

So here it is sadly i can´t link the whole sequence in one panel, but hopefully the feeling and idea make sense, just remember you can always see the higher resolutions versions of these on my Flickr, and try not to loose your footing folks cause it´s only monday.

ETA: For those who missed it i blogged yesterday also over at The Hottie Cooterati Experience, in a bit more casual look and i got by With a little help from my friends

Shape: mine 
Skin: Mynerva   –  Milena
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes 
Eyelashes: Maitreya – V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
Hair: Alice Project – Steph II (Zodiac)
Outfit: Slink – Vixen Catsuit
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands

All poses by aDORKable

Skybox by Abyss (The Men´s Department)

Guilds, wars and why i´ve been away


I´ve said time and time again i´m not a gamer, but i do play one game, i started playing Guild Wars back in 2008 a friend from SL took me there, and i fell in love with the game dynamics and the fact i had both options of playing with both friends or simply alone.

Earlier this year the so much anticipated Guild Wars 2 was launched, after what seemed like ages of videos with teasers, people pre-ordering so they could be in Beta, a lot of them good friends on plurk/SL/Skype , i caved in, so 3 days before the official launch i bought the online version and started playing right away.

Half the world seemed familiar, half strange and changed, new species and storylines, i´m sudendly immersed in a world where i run, craft, fight, chat with my SL friends in a whole new way, while i slowly explore Tyria with the help of my friends and sometimes complete strangers.

Since GW2 has taken so much of my time lately and affecting my blogging i figured i should show a little of why i have been so distant lately so as to excuse myself, yeah sure the fashion options are a bit more limited, ans you don´t get different AOs or even poses at all, but look at my little level 73, necromancer Sylvari, when i made her and had to pick hair styles all i could think was: OMG is like Crazy Hair Hunt all over again.

So i can´t really leave SL but let me spend some more time killing pirates and get a few more dyes, i need that black to have a proper Order of Whispers coloured outfit. See you all again soon keep on having fun and playing.

ETA: I found out the GW2 flickr group so expect more pics from there sometime soon.