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Hair Fair 2012 – Curious Kitties


Another day and more hair, as i´ve been doing for this past weeks, slowly going thru some, not all of course of the shops in Hair Fair, which has been pretty amazing this year, with a wide variety of, prim and mesh hair, casuals and formals, regular and fantasy, all sorts for all tastes.

But today i bring you Curious kitties, and a more fantasy look on a simple background so not to clash with all the vibrant colours, all HUD adjustable, also it´s available at the shop an awesome package of summer gifts so i advise anyone looking for some essentials, or just to make themselves familiar with the shop to stop by.

As usual we have a great attention to detail, easy customization and a lot of fun going on in your head, i´m also wearing one of the simpler versions of Sakide´s Ganache dress for this round of Zombie Popcorn, make sure to check all that.

But it slowly get´s dark and late here and is time for me to say goodnite and wait till tomorrow, since m Hair blogging is still far from over.

Hair: Curious Kitties – Sane (Hair Fair)
Skin: Curious Kitties Azil Moon (gift)
Dress: Sakide – Ganache (Zombie Popcorn)

Hair: Curious Kitties – Khandi/Emelia (Hair Fair)
Skin: Curious Kitties  Azil Whisp/Azil Snow(gift)

Hair: Curious Kitties – Memories/Faa (Hair Fair)
Skin: Curious Kitties Azil Orchid/Azil Ivy(gift)

Poses by aDORKable – Confident Leo (Zodiac)

Hair Fair:
Flickr Group
For Demos join the Hair Fair DEMO Group inworld

Get Your Goth on


Because the The WGD Nightstalker Hunt started on the 1st, yesterday and i have a few grabs from it to show you all, the hunt starts at Dare Designs, and you can find a list of all hunt participants here.

It also represents the start of World Goth Day SL Celebrations, that will last a whole month with the support of teh good people of World Goth Day, and is the warm up for The World Goth Fair (that lasts from the 15th to the 31st of May) and will benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

From the hunt i bring you 3 stores, something new (House of Rain), Something old (Currious Kitties) and something familiar, not blue (CoLLisions).

Also to match my new found Goth Vibe you will see all month is my favorite new hair and official Goth Month Hair, the new Alice Project realease available at FaMESHed. And to add Colour and fun to it all i´m slowly blogging as much as i can of The Summer Beauty Festival, for all out makeup needs (and i promise more new makeups soon).

Also new is the blogs new look, which i hope everyone likes, for now is time to get my goth on, for a couple of weeks.

Shape: mine
Skin: Mynerva – Milena
Hair: Alice Project – Ashleigh – Infinity (FaMESHed)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Dress: Curious Kitties – Deadly Breezy (The WGD Nightstalker Hunt)
Boots: lassitude & ennui – Prudence
Earings and Piercings: CoLLisions – Unheimlich Set (The WGD Nightstalker Hunt)
Necklace – House of Rain – Vapor (The WGD Nightstalker Hunt)
Nails –  PIDIDDLE – Manicure – Set 003 (Summer Beauty Festival)
Makeup: MONS – eyeshadow spray pink (Summer Beauty Festival)
Makeup: Izzie’s – Glitter Eye Make-Up moonshine (Summer Beauty Festival)

Poses and Furniture by Lisp

I used to be an adventurer…


…but then them bloody arrows to the knee happen, and this one is a cute, funny and very well done gift from Rustica.

And today this adventurer brings you another sim from the Fantasy Faire,  Shadow’s Claw by Laufey Markstein, just watch out for the arrows.

And today i´m wearing Hawk2 one of Wasabi Pill´s special and Faire exclusive colours of their new release, and again lassitude & ennui´s gorgeous Wanderlust boots, that i´ve blogged before, but this time in Faire edition, this gorgeous armour is another exclusive this time by Bare Rose.

In other news I am also showcasing some more poses from Pose Fair, that is still going on strong even if this year is their last edition, here I used some Weather or not ones, from a wonderful set I hope to use more of later, and Y’s Art&Poses.

I have also heard about an upcoming hunt during the Fantasy Faire, and starting very soon, i´ll soon update you all on that. So have fun exploring folks, but please watch out for those arrows, or get some knee protective gear at he Faire, I´m sure you will find some easily.

Shape: mine
Skin: Style by Kira – Willow Skin (Fantasy Faire exclusive)
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Hawk2 (Fantasy Faire exclusive)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones – Mesh Lashes
Bare Rose: Ruby Bikini Armor (Fantasy Faire exclusive)
Boots: lassitude & ennui – Wanderlust boots (Fantasy Faire exclusive)
Makeup: Currious Kitties: Fairies Blessings Magical Body Overlay (Fantasy Faire gift)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Tiga (group gift)
Arrow to the knee: Rustica (Fantasy Faire gift)

Poses by Weather or Not? and  Y’s Art&Poses Pose Fair exclusives.

Crazy Hair Hunt 3 – Maneatingplant


It´s perfect when you suddenly find you have the perfect hair for the prefect dress, and it´s what happened with this awesome Curious Kitties hair from the Crazy Hair Hunt and the Nadia in Fern group gift dress from {bilo}, and even if the opening sale as ended I know the group gift is still available at the shop here.

I also stopped last week at Zombie Popcorn and was immediately grabbing the Pin me down new set of makeups, so much goodies to blog and so little time.

After a small break i still have more Crazy Hair to blog, I´m just slowly finding the perfect pieces to complement them, so please be patient and i will eventually blog all my favorites.

Shape: mine
Skin: Mynerva – Milena
Hair: Curious Kitties-  Nyanotech Hair – Maneatingplant
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones: Mesh Lashes
Dress: {bilo} – Nadia in Fern (group gift available at shop)
Makeup: Pin me Down – Makeup Set 8 (Zombie Popcorn)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Dora’s Plum Crazy Mizu Makeover

Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss

Crazy Hair Hunt 3 – The Butterfly Effect


Crazy Hair Hunt 3 started on saturday and I spent all day running around grid grabbing all the awesome hairs, the HUnt involved over 60 locations and a lot more gifts, after all the hunting and a good help from my friend Sonya over at Astalianda, she´s a confirmed Twisted Hunter and a lot better than me at this.

For a good list of all stores and hairs, you can check Seraphim.

After hunting, unpacking and finally sorting most of the hunt gifts, I´m still missing 12 locations tho, I´ve slowly started wondering what to do with all the hairs, and besides integrating them into my regular blogging, I`m gonna try to show some of my favorites, in single posts with a few add-ons.

Here is my first choice, I´ve wanted to blog this freebie Kimono from Curious Kitties for ages, and this gorgeous hair, from Evie´s Closet was just perfect for it, the delicate flowers, the gentle butterflies and dark color just screamed oriental to me, and voilá, I also added this gorgeous soft and yet dramatic eyeshadow, from M.O.C.K. Cosmetics, an old group gift resting in my inventory, the thing about Mocksoup´s group is the variety in gifts is not only remarkable, but also frequent.

And here it is my first Crazy Hair HUnt blog pos, with more to follow soon.

Shape: mine

Skin: MyDear – Hygeia Skin
Hair: Evie´s Closet – Butterfly Effect Hair (Crazy Hair Hunt 3)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Kimono: Curious Kitties – Yukata (freebie)

Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics –   Robin’s Egg Blue Glimmer (Eyeshadow only)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics –  Viccy Red Lip (lip only)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics –  Clear Lipgloss 

Poses from Adorkable



One of the hardest hunts on the grid, and one I really wanted to blog, but since is so hard I have not yet managed to grab many things, but I will try slowly to blog as much of it as possible, so here I present you a little bit of   The Twisted Hunt Spring 2012.

Sha: Kinzart Kreetures – Rift Dragon (The Twisted Hunt)

Ely: Curious Kitties –  Mystic Tree

Poses by Del May

Old SYS posts


A couple more SYS post and the progress done over this year.

Skin: Curious Kitties – *C:K* Pink Cherry Mermaid – Skin
Eyes: Curious Kitties – *C:K* Pink Cherry Eyes
Hair:TRUTH – Gwyneth – silver
Suit: Tomby’s – T’s-Type81-CySuit-hot Gloves
Scarf:Mentine – Fringed Scarf
Gloves: Neur0lab – KomBi-X1 CyberGloves
Belt: Neur0lab X-1 Belt v1.5G
Legwarmers: AKEYO
Shoes – A gift from Eku I haven´t taken of since i got them
Back Layer: Curio Obscura – Clockwork Inside Jacket
Makeup – M.O.C.K Cosmetics – Nerd Purple Lipstain (Lipcolor only)

Long time since i posted in this thread and today i finally got to try some of the Plastik huge group gift pack, i also stoped at Elikatira and grabbed their freebie hair here on pic (and you´ll find there another style in the 50L friday that is gorgeous btw). The outfit is called Mynerva i belive and is from Bare Rose, was 140L or something like it, so i managed a pretty cheap and put together look.

Skin: Mynerva – Kianna Apricot (on both pics)
Shape: Mine
Dress: Evie´s Closet – Will ‘O The Wisp – Green
Sandals:Maitreya Gold * Flip-Flops Fawn
Hair: elikatira -Falling (it´s new and it rocks i also grabbed the 50L friday one)
Eyes: LAQ – Reflect true dark eyes

Skin: Mynerva – Kianna Apricot
Shape: Mine
Dress1: JANE – tank dress.chevron.delicious
Dress2: JANE – sack dress.tweet.charcoal
Sandals:Maitreya Gold * Flip-Flops Fawn
Hair: elikatira -Falling
Makeup: [mock] Q Dark Warm Brown C.C. Camelot Mizu Makeover (e/l)
Eyes: LAQ – Reflect true dark eyes

Long time since i visited the Lisboa Portugal sim, looks a lot better now and they recreated properly the Praça do Comércio, i wanted to do more pics in a look at me i´m a tourist style, but shadows where being a pain and i had this black line near my horizont on every pic except this one. I also wanted to take some pics in Neph´s new awsome mesh Boots

Skin: Mynerva – Kianna Apricot
Shape: Mine
Eyes: LAQ – Reflect true dark eyes
Makeup: M.O.C.K.
Blouse: [LeeZu!] Arabesque Blouse /green
Shirt:{mon tissu} Lollia Tank Top – Yellow Buds
Jeans: Zaara – Classic Jeans Indigo skinny
Boots: PixelDolls – Drovers boots (short)
Necklace:{mon tissu} Floral Disk Pendant – Gold
Glasses: (A very old item from) Tickled Pink – Grace Eyeglasses
Hair:elikatira – Away – Reds 

Skin: Mynerva – Kianna Apricot
Shape: Mine
Makeup: M.O.C.K. – Mouthy Mock- Oriental Cameo
Dress: PixelDolls – Tropico . black
Necklace and Earrings: Bewildebeest – Alma Necklace – Silver – Onix
Hair: Elikatira – Away Black


Skin: Nuuna – Ellivu
Shape: Mine
Eyes: LAQ – Devoted Amber Eyes
Makeup: M.O.C.K. – Golden Gilded Plumage Eyeshadow
Outfit: Bare Rose – Neo Pisces Lady
Necklace: Bewildebeest – Alma Necklace – Gold – Smoky Quartz Gift
Hair1: Wasabi Pills – Aria Mesh Hair – Iceberg
Hair2: Wasabi Pills – Reptilia Hair – Iceberg