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Just one glance


Was basically what it took to fall in love with this release from Glance for Skin Fair, and i´m not even a skin buff to be honest, i tend to find one that i like and stick to it, I´m not even very good at showing of skins, but this was another of my Skin Fair purchases, and i was incredibly happy to find such a beautiful skin.

Shape: mine
Skin: Glance Skins – Anais – November (Skin Fair 2013)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Groomed
Hair: Dura – 41
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – Black Sun set (FaMESHed)
Top: Pale Empress – Catherine Top
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Party all night/Indifference (Group Gift)

Pose by !Bang

As you all know good well done darker tonned skins i really hard to find, but Glanced did it and i can now add some variety to my skin folder. here i´m wearing a pale Empress shirt and the pic does not make it justice, it has a gorgeous long back that forks and is a new release, I just did this picture quickly last week whilst i was pinning down Skin Fair for you guys, (can´t you tell by the way i´m wearing my usual red brows over my skin? sorry only realized it the next day after i had taken the pic) so it was a bit of just trow stuff on to show of my new skin kinda of pic.

Also new is the jewelry from Maxi Gossamer that is a this month´s edition of FaMESHed.

By the way since i mentioned Pale Empress, and it is one of the shops part of the Port Seraphine, that now has it´s own update group, for all the shops in the sim and that also includes: The Muses, Geometry, GALLACTIC, Bilo, House of Rain, Beautiful Freak, Lovelace, Pose Monster, Pose Plastique and maybe a few more i missed. So if you want all news from these shops in one group alone, remember to join here, i heard there will be a group gift out soon.

Also before i forget i am a little late on my pinboards, but i will try to update them all later tonite in he meanwhile you can check out my new ones with a couple of previews for Pose Fair which is just around the corner and also Fantasy Faire that is a little more time away, also new editions to one of my favourite pinboard Spring Fever where i pin random seasonal stuff, from products to blogs.

See you all soon, most likely laters when i update my Pinterest with more new goodies.

Words are all i have


Again i say like so many times before that i´m not much of a shoe person, be it RL or SL i simply don´t get most women and quite a few men´s fascination about footwear, i usually go for comfy in RL and barefooted whenever possible, so when new feet come out i usually do check those.

A few days ago Gos decided to divide the shop in a way that would allow better branding and market segmentation, so Gos Boutique was born, not only catering just for women, but releasing over this weekend quite a few new models of shoes, and two bare feet versions in mesh (i´m wearing the flat version here) and a new revolutionary tinting system, well every woman just sighs and sometimes cringes when tinting is mentioned , i know i´ve spent quite a few hours messing with huds to get a reasonable match, i don´t even require a perfect match, just reasonable, and if you´re blogging it becomes tiring with every skin change, and trust me i do a lot of those, means a few more wasted minutes on feet tinting, time i could be using to enjoy SL.

And what´s so different from the these feet you may ask? Well to start the tinting database Gos offers already includes more than half of the grids skin makers, even better you can add online the suggestion for more skin creators to add to the database. My regular Mynerva wasn´t available, but a simple manual match was pretty fast to do, with pretty good results, and to know i won´t have to stress over about the other 80% skins in my inventory, makes these godsend to a blogger.

So i would totally classify these has my best buy so far this year because i also found them cheap, so cheap i have to go back to grab the arched version, and i enjoyed the system so much i even bought a pair of sandals, and am now waiting for more releases that will fit these, specially summer sandals. So be prepared to see them around a lot.

I also dropped by at Maitreya this weekend since they just releases a bunch of new goodies, some seasonal but mostly a new Nightlife collection all worth checking out, this was just one of my favourites in pretty purplish tones, another shop i visited over weekend was Dura not a regular shop for me but i´m loving their short hairs.

And cause i´m slowly learning how to take pics of shoes, i dusted up some Flowey poses i had in my inventory for ages waiting to be used, i sometimes do that keep things about until i find the perfect timming  and mood for them.

As for the title and general mood of today´s blog post it´s pretty much appropriate to how we deal with words and how much effect they have in our lives, something i´ve been thinking a lot about recently.

In the meanwhile enjoy your weekend everyone, happy shoe shopping and don´t forget to check my other blog post over at Hottie Cooterati from earlier here. Just take it easy today cause a new week is coming.


Shape: mine 
Skin: Mynerva  –  Milena
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes 
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Groomed
Hair: Dura -43
Dress: Maitreya – Mignon-Evening
Feet: [Gos] Boutique –  Mesh Feet (New Release)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics –  Clear Lipgloss

All pose by Flowey a mix of  arcade tales poses and magic book both old releases from The Arcade and Fifty Linden Friday hopefully available at their main store.

25 cents


Well not rally 25 cents but 50 linden, that’s how Fifty Linden Friday works, for a long time it was one of my favorite events but sadly a few months ago it ended in an epic last edition filled with amazing bargains, but last week it also came back, and is like an old friend whom you haven´t seen for ages suddenly showed up and said hi did you miss me?

So from i advise everyone to join their inworld group to get the weekly list of shops participating, and this week i bring you this really cute, cheap and mesh (i was seriously impressed by the low land impact of this piece) set of lemonade stand and stool with several poses from Cheeky Pea.

I also bring you another event today and that event is a very interesting idea it´s called My Second Box, and i joined this months first edition of My Second Box Women, the concept is very cool and different from most events, the idea basically is you join the Second Box group and pay 300L to join it, and during that month you receive samples from 5 different creators, this month´s creators where: Adore & Abhor, BOTHER, Elymode, Glitterati and La Petite Morte, you can see images of the items available here on the Flickr group, or their blog linked above, so far it was worth the 300L to join it, and i really like it since each month you can decide if you believe it´s worth joining.

Two things i am wearing for the first time is a tube top and some Dura hair. I´ll start with the tube top: Since mesh came to SL, I´ve seen tube tops and tube dresses, all over shops and feeds, so far i´ve stayed away from them because they seem all to be done from the same couple of templates, and extremely bulky, so far this Maitreya piece is the one i would recommend, it actually looks like a proper tube top, fitting and very well done, as on the subject of templates, I´ll probably address it at some point, since it deserves it´s own blog post.

As for the Hair, I had never tried blogged Dura before, actually i had never shopped there even, my boyfriend was the one who showed me the shop because he likes the men’s hair and though i might be interested, I was really impressed with he models, some are imensively cute, but i don´t like th texture on the light colours, which is perfect for me since i rarely go light, except for a few exceptions.

Last but not least i bring you these super cute mesh hotpants from 22769 and a prize on the Depraved Summer Hunt, you can find the shops and slurls for them as well as hints on the link above.

Happy shopping and happy hunting.

Shape: mine
Skin: Adore&Abhor Cosmetics  – Cadillac Tan Skin and Eyeliner (My Second Box)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes
Hair: Dura – *Dura-Girl*33
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer  – Eyelashes – Groomed
Top: Maitreya – Cupio
Shorts: 22769 – casual couture – hotpants (Depraved Summer Hunt)
Wedges: Ingenue – Jive Wedge (COLLABOR88)
Makeup: Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss  

Lemonade stand and bench by Cheeky Pea – Lecon Lemonade Stand (Fifty Linden Friday) 

Standing pose by aDORKable