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Merry Wintersday


Is how we say in Guild wars 2 and what i want to say to all my friends and readers for such a wonderful and amazing year, we do celebrate Christmas here in RL although i´m not a religious person so i like the sound of this greeting that fits me as a gamer. So whatever holiday you celebrate or not i hope it´s all well and filled of love.

Guilds, wars and why i´ve been away


I´ve said time and time again i´m not a gamer, but i do play one game, i started playing Guild Wars back in 2008 a friend from SL took me there, and i fell in love with the game dynamics and the fact i had both options of playing with both friends or simply alone.

Earlier this year the so much anticipated Guild Wars 2 was launched, after what seemed like ages of videos with teasers, people pre-ordering so they could be in Beta, a lot of them good friends on plurk/SL/Skype , i caved in, so 3 days before the official launch i bought the online version and started playing right away.

Half the world seemed familiar, half strange and changed, new species and storylines, i´m sudendly immersed in a world where i run, craft, fight, chat with my SL friends in a whole new way, while i slowly explore Tyria with the help of my friends and sometimes complete strangers.

Since GW2 has taken so much of my time lately and affecting my blogging i figured i should show a little of why i have been so distant lately so as to excuse myself, yeah sure the fashion options are a bit more limited, ans you don´t get different AOs or even poses at all, but look at my little level 73, necromancer Sylvari, when i made her and had to pick hair styles all i could think was: OMG is like Crazy Hair Hunt all over again.

So i can´t really leave SL but let me spend some more time killing pirates and get a few more dyes, i need that black to have a proper Order of Whispers coloured outfit. See you all again soon keep on having fun and playing.

ETA: I found out the GW2 flickr group so expect more pics from there sometime soon.