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My usual tldr post of the month.


As Usual i do a round up of upcoming events I applied for as a blogger, today we see the end of Fantasy Faire and pose Faire , but more events are coming soon, and these are:

– 1st- 25th of May The Summer Beauty Festival, mostly dedicated to Cosmetics, let´s see if i have something to blog about it later.

– 14-28 of May stars of  Keep Calm and Keep Shopping!  this one is not a charity event but only to promote wonderful SL creators.

– 15-31 of May starts of  World Goth Fair and the WGD Nightstalker Hunt (starting on the 1st of May) associated with it. These two events are separate but officially sanctioned by the folks at World Goth Day, and will benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. And is being organized by people I know personally, am close to and have absolute confidence in.

This is the round-up of the current events I have planned to cover over the next few months, I´ll be sure to update this list as I go along, and keep covering a lot more events be them monthly or weekly. And remember on the 7th Men´s Department also starts, while the 8th brings us our usual monthly edition of COLLABOR88. Also starting on the 1st is FaMESHed a new monthly and apparently awesome event, and Culture Shock 2012 for the 4th to the 26th of May and finally from the 5th to the 4th of June is time for the Ashraya Project.

Another thing that was mentioned a lot this week was the subject of review copies, tbh i don´t mark them myself, i´d rather not make a mistake and mark something wrong, and i also don´t personally like seeing them marked, like prices unless it´s a promotion or something like that. I´m not even sure the review policies apply to SL blogging or myself since i am not a US resident, so i will keep that policy, one thing i do is thank all the awesome creators who do share them, and this month due to at least two big Fairs i received quite a few, from my awesome assigned stores from Fantasy Faire, and from all the amazing and generous creators at Pose Fair, and also to the usual shops that send regular review items. A big thank you from you all who make the blog have more to talk about, and me to take pictures at.