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Hair Fair 2012 – Random Freebies, grab bags, and assorted gifties


Like every year and like every big Fair you will find a few freebies, dollarbies and gifts around, these are always perfect for new residents, or just folks looking for something out of the ordinary, or for simple hoarders like me, so i figured i should do at least one post on all the talented, funny, interesting, different, quirky gifts you can find while visiting Hair Fair.

So here they are and enjoy, maybe it´s time for a little hunting.

Shape: mine 
Skin: Mynerva – Milena
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes 
Eyelashes: Maitreya – V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
Dress: One Bad Pixel – Ruched

Hair:  Exile – Hair Fair gift

Hair:  EMO-tions Milky/Analog Dog – .b

Hair:  LALA Moon – Dachs Hund

Hair:   Nushru – Botanical Pigtails/CiC – Kennedi

Hair:  Bliss Couture – Satina/Red Mint – Heart on a Pin

Hair:  [DSC] Airyon/Gauze Komelia

Hair:  HINAKO Hair – an&subomi

Hair:  UrbanLutz Hair – Bobbi

Hair:  Alice Project – Tessa/Iconic – Channel

Hair:  MONS – Mare

Hair:  ChiChickie! Jia & Zen Hairstick/A&A – Soraya

Poses by Long Awkward Pose (not available anymore)

Hair Fair:
Flickr Group
For Demos join the Hair Fair DEMO Group inworld

Under my skin


I never did a skin review, and i´m so new at this i even gave it a obviously punny title, something i seem to have got going on lately, but pardon me because it is my first please.

Today i bring some bad news and some good news, and as usual at least when it happens to me in real life i ask please hit me with the bad news first, so here it is, sadly Nomine, just release their last non-fantasy skin, it´s called The Nephilim line, and it´s perfcet for those who like me in rl are sun-challenged, this set of very pale skins will be the last and the same will happen to the male skins also.

Now this is the bit where i bring in the good news, right? And those are that Nomine will be only making Fantasy skins from now on, so at the end of the day Munchflower Zaius, is simply focusing on what she does best, which is work on fantasy items, and that´s pretty awesome news.

Anyways back to the skin, i tried to show as much has possible to show all that is available for the skin, the 5 beautiful pale tones, from an almost pure white to the still pale but human, and the wide range of makeups available, that go from the usual bare, to a more sci-fi, fantasy or sexy look.

So anyways drop in at Nomine store and try a demo if not just to say goodbye to the store´s last human skin, in the mean while fantasy reigns, and will be out soon i´m sure.

Shape: Mine
Skin: Nomine –  The Nephilim
Hair: booN – YNO421
Bikini – Artilleri – Jeanette 

Poses by Long Awkward Pose (not available anymore)
Windlight: Strawberry Singh – Closeups (no Shadows)

I always get a little sad…


When a great events ends, and today is the last day of CHIC² the event celebrating the second anniversary of CHIC Management, which over the past two years have brought us such amazing events as Back to Black,Culture Shock, Vintage Fair (which will happen not so long from now) and a bunch more including some of the best hunts in the grid, since the event ends today there are still a few hours to do some last minute shopping, and so today i say goodbye to a great event and bring you some of my favorite items for it.

Everyone have a wonderful peaceful sunday, filled with resting and shopping.

Shape: mine
Skin: Lara Hurley – Nuala (Fairy Tales in 2012)
Eyes: Izzie’s  – Natural Mesh Eyes
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Princess (Fairy Tales in 2012)
Dress: Geometry – Chic (CHIC²)
Shoes: lassitude & ennui – Boudoir Mules
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer –  Eden Sun Pendant (CHIC²)

Furniture by Post and poses by Long Awkward Pose

Take my picture and frame it


All good things come to an end, and unfortunately Mesh Around, ends tomorrow, this hunt has been going on since the 1st, with a huge amount of hunters and blog posts, you can find them all at the The Ego Co. blog, where you can follow all their events, and also check the amazing blogger team making sure you get to see all the beautiful things available at the events organized.

But even if Mesh Around is ending, Fluid is about to start, tomorrow also. Later on i will try to bring you all a preview, of this new bi-weekly event dedicated to posing and animations.

For now folks hurry up still some time to hunt.

Shape: mine
Skin: MY UGLYDOROTHY – Skin of the Sunday12
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes
Hair: Discord Designs – Clint(Mesh Around Hunt)
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer  – Eyelashes – Groomed (Mesh Around Hunt)
Dress: Geometry,  – Embrace (FamMESHed)
Wedges: Ingenue– Jive Wedge (COLLABOR88)
Ring: [HANDverk] – Geode Ring (Mesh Around Hunt)

Umbrella: Weather! or not? – Starbrella (Subscriber Gift )
Frames: Weather! or not? – Little Fluffy Cloud Frames (Mesh Around Hunt)

Poses by Long Awkward Pose

… lipstick and mirrors and hairspray.


The title of today´s blog is part of a quote, by a comedian i admire a lot, Joanna Lumley, and the full quote goes like this:

I find it a great antidote… lipstick and mirrors and hairspray.

And today i bring you all of them, lipstick is the most important one today probably and part of a blogger challenge started by Cajsa Lilliehook,  so for it i picked this pretty skin from essences available at  CHIC²CHIC Management  second anniversary event, and one of the several lipstick options that come with it. I also bring you a lot of Hairspray in this new Clawtooth, hair made specially for COLLABOR88 .

Also from COLLABOR88 are these gorgeous shoes from Ingenue (available in several colours)  and the lovely dress by Schadenfreude ( available in a wide diversity of patterns, and sizes, including kid size).

And last  but not least mirrors, the thing about mirrors is, it´s fine when you hold up them to yourself, to admire your look, to look for faults in it, but with what i do have issues, is when people insist on holding up mirrors to others expecting to see their own reflection.

So i would love to see a lot less mirrors about at the end of the day,  a mirror only reflects what is there, not your wishes, and reflecting your wishes on others, steals them of their own reflection, making all those holding mirrors look foolish.

And this long rant is basically about feeling good about oneself, wearing what we love, what we choose, and not being held hostage to the mirrors other wave at us.

Shape: mine
Skin: essences – Rowena (CHIC²)
Eyes: Izzie’s  – Natural Mesh Eyes
Hair: Clawtooth – Babette (COLLABOR88)
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Groomed
Dress: Schadenfreude – Mondrian Color Field (COLLABOR88)
Wedges: Ingenue – Jive Wedge (COLLABOR88)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss  

Poses by Long Awkward Pose



Well the weather slowly get´s warmer, and it´s time for more casual or not so casual clothes and footwear. Today i bring you two amazing examples of that.

First the recently release coldLogic´s  line of rompers, they come in six different models, each model available in several colours, and they are all different from each other, so you can achieve looks that range from, beachy, sporty, casual, to sexy, or a semi formal look that can be used anywhere with the right accessorizing.

I must admit i´ve been too lost in events to do some actual shop blogging, and i had never actually blogged coldLogic, when i even own a few pieces, and i simply love these rompers.

Another amazing piece that is a total must in anyone´s inventory, are feet, and my favourites which i´ve already blogged a few times are Slink´s mesh Feet, but now you will be seeing them a lot more, the feet and the sandals, because these sandals work with almost everything i have in my inventory, jeans, a dress, a skirt a bathing suit, and rompers also, again another super versatile item and a must for summer, perfect for  a beach look, simply casual or a more dressy one as an alternative to heels.

Also added to the mix some newer releases, from WaterWorks (the sunglasses), and two new Wasabi Pills hairstyles, same not so new ploom poses i bought at the My Attic event first edition, and some more of Long Awkward Pose, poses who´s closing sale is still going on.

Now excuse me while i go enjoy SL´s beaches, see you all soon.

Shape: mine
Skin: Mynerva – Milena
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes
Hair1: Wasabi Pills – Anais
Hair2: Wasabi Pills – Claire
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Groomed
Rompers: coldLogic –  Briggs, Reese, Ella, Mathis, Rae, Room (from left to right)
Shoes: Slink – Mesh Feet
Sandals: Slink – Ilena Sandals
Glasses:  Waterworks – Aviators

Poses by ploom and Long Awkard Pose

ETA: I was asked by several people on plurk where i took the pics and about some of the furniture, so here it is:

Greenhouse on background by Organica – Eugene reading house (to answer another question i tinted some parts of it, the draping, the wood and the glass, by simply using select face and picking the right tone). Chairs, small bench and decor on top of bench by Sway´s  – Sway’s Deckchair, both Home and Garden Expo items.



Because Mesh Around is starting today at SL´s noon, and i bring you another small preview of some of the items available during at the hunt, since SL was not very kind to me yesterday, I only managed to take one picture, but it has not one but two Ely´s in it.

And so today i bring you: GeometryBilo[GoS]Trompe Loeil and [HANDverk].

For some flowy summer prettiness, two love sets, one a dress from Bilo, which you know how much i love, and the other, a set of two separates: skirt and blouse, that you can either mix and match with other Geometry separates, which i heard there will be more available pretty soon, or with casual jeans or even system layers.

And now let me talk about these pumps, I wish more shoe creators would enter hunts, not enough do to be honest, and it´s such a wonderful way to show of your designs, specially when the quality is so at a top-level like this.

I don´t think i´ve mentioned yet how much i love furniture in mesh, but i will now, first reason is more detail for less prims, both the furniture set by Trompe Loeil and this lovely clock by [HANDverk] are mesh and so easy to mod, for the picture i did some moding to them, i resized the clock to bigger and resized the table to smaller and also took out he shadow parts on the furniture.

And here is the second reason i love mesh furniture even more, resizing it will even lower it´s land impact values, making it the best option for tiny avatars and petite ones.
So remenber folks at noon the hunt starts, so make sure you are ready to run around the grid looking for meshy goodness, and in case you are wondering what else is available on the hunt rememnber to check out my fellow bloggers from The Ego Co.

Shape: mine
Skin: Mynerva – Milena
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes
Hair: Truth – Tashia
Eyelashes: ploom – Lashes 2 (Skin Addiction Gift)
1st Outfit: Geometry – Precious Ruffle Skirt and Candy Tank (Mesh Around)
Shoes: Ingenue – Gabtsy Heels
2sd Outfit: Bilo –  Salma Peta (Mesh Around)
Boots: [GoS] – Desire Ankle Boots in Baby Pink (Mesh Around)

Furniture by Trompe Loeil – Curve Patio Set – Summer Dots (Mesh Around)

Clock: [HANDverk] – Sunburst Clock.red (Mesh Around)

Poses by Long Awkward Pose

Are you ready?


I sure am getting ready for Mesh Around, as I slowly get a glimpse of the items that will be available on the 1st of  June when the hunt starts. Just by looking at the list of shops participating you can have no doubts of their quality some more familiar names and a few new ones offering what i live best, mesh, from clothing, to furniture to decor, a variety of items waiting to be picked up, today i leave you all with a small preview.

The dress is from 22769 ~ casual couture, and i seriously don´t know how they manage to keep up with all the events they join, and the constant stream of new and quality content they share with the grid every week.

Also from from Mesh Around are the cute bracelet and ring i´m wearing here from Sleeping Koala, see you all soon with more meshy goodness.

Follow all mine and my fellow bloggers adventures at this and other Ego. Co. events on their website here.

Shape: mine
Skin: My UglyDorothy – Skin of the Sunday5
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes
Hair: Truth –  Kirby
Eyelashes: ploom – Lashes 2 (Skin Addiction Gift)
Dress: 22769 ~ casual couture -Sophia  (Mesh Around Hunt)
Shoes: Ingenue – Gatsby Heels
Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai – Sweetwater (Fashion Cache)
Bracelet and Ring: Sleeping Koala Metal Floral Stack  (Mesh Around Hunt)

Poses by Long Awkward Pose

World Goth Fair part 7


Sadly the  The World Goth Fair is getting close to it´s end, on a positive note there are still a few days to visit it. and as i slowly wrap up my World goth Fair blogging i also visited Skin Addiction and found my new favorite shop My Ugly Dorothy, where i got this lovely skin and also my new lashes from ploom one of the many available gifts spread out thru the event for group members.

From The World Goth Fair i bring you today: Grimalkin WorkshopVirtual/InsanityCoLLisionsezura and Pin me Down. As you can see the World Goth Day celebrations go on untill the end of the month, so drop in at the Fair and hae a look at all the items up from all the wonderful creators, and while shopping you can also contribute to a good cause, in this case Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Shape: mine
Skin: My UglyDorothy – Skin addiction Special Skin (Skin Addiction)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes
Hair: Elikatira –  Again
Eyelashes: ploom – Lashes 2 (Skin Addiction Gift)
Dress:ezura – Gothic Lace Dress (World Goth Fair)
Feet: Slink – Mesh Feet
Necklace: Virtual/Insanity – ohmygoth. necklace (World Goth Fair)
Nails: Virtual/Insanity – Ankh Ring (World Goth Fair)
Tattoo: CoLLisions – Music of the Night (World Goth Fair)
Makeup: Pin me Down- Set 8 (Zombie Popcorn)

Pile of Skulls –  Attachable pose prop by Grimalkin Workshop all other poses by Long Awkward Pose

World Goth Fair 5


Today i bring you more from  The World Goth Fair still going strong until the end of the month, as part fo the World Goth Day SL celebrations along with  the WGD Nightstalker Hunt (you can find a list of all hunt participants here).

The Fair will benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and has the full support of the good people of World Goth Day.

So from the Fair i bring you: ezuraDCDHysteria, M.O.C.K. Cosmetics (Not setup yet due to computer issues), by NachtPin me Downlassitude & ennui, BiloGothic ToysDammed good Designs, Dare DesignsKosh and The Fooding (The Fooding has a number of mini kiosks scattered throughout the fair).

I add to the mix the cute heart-shaped necklace from Je suis… available thru the Keep Calm and Keep Shopping!  event, that started this week and is running until the 28th, so don´t forget to check the website and the stores in it.

I also stopped by at Culture Shock  to grab all the special Pink Fuel skins and even grabbed the Bloodthirsty one at the shop, can i say shopping spree? Of course i can cause i then went straight to elikatira and bought all the mesh hairs to add to the gorgeous new short one i had bought at Wasabi Pills yesterday.

and when i tougth i had spent enough, i find out Long Awkward Pose was having a 50% closing sale, and that was it i lost it completely, so forgive me while i cry blood tears thru my new FATEeyes, Oh i forgot i got those also!

Shape: mine
Skin: Pink Fuel- Elly – Bloodthirsty
Eyes: FATEeyes by Damien Fate
Hair: Elikatira – Memoir
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Groomed 
Dress: ezura – Sophie Gown (World Goth Fair)
Choker: DCD – ‘Esdras’ Choker (World Goth Fair)
Makeup: Hysteria – Confusion (World Goth Fair)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss 

Setting: by Nacht – The Crypt (World Goth Fair)

Shape: mine
Skin: Pink Fuel – PERSONA Skins – Ruthless (Culture Shock)
Eyes: FATEeyes by Damien Fate
Hair:Wasabi Pills – Cookie
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Groomed 
Dress: Dare Designs – Dahlia (World Goth Fair)
Shoes: lassitude & ennui –  Boudoir mules (World Goth Fair)
Necklace: Kosh – The Angel Key  (World Goth Fair)
Makeup: Hysteria – Confusion part II (World Goth Fair)

Ghost: Gothic Toys – Jinkies the ghost (World Goth Fair)

Table and Chair: Dammed good Designs – Belladonna table/chair set(World Goth Fair)

Tray: The Fooding – Gothic Merlot wine service (World Goth Fair)

Setting: by Nacht – The Abbey (World Goth Fair)

Shape: mine
Skin: Pink Fuel-  PERSONA Skins –  Bollywood (Culture Shock)
Eyes: FATEeyes by Damien Fate
Hair: Elikatira – Indulge
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Groomed 
Dress: Bilo- Manal (World Goth Fair)
Shoes: lassitude & ennui –  Boudoir mules (World Goth Fair)
Necklace: je suis… l’amour (Keep Calm and Keep Shopping)
Makeup:Pin Me Down – Eyeliner (World Goth Fair)
Makeup:Pin Me Down – Lip Markings (World Goth Fair)

Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss 

Setting: by Nacht – The Cloisters (World Goth Fair)

All poses by Long Awkward Pose