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These are a few of my favourite things part 1


And when i say a few i mean only a few, I remember well a year ago when mesh was new, there where only a few stores selling mesh and the quality was very different then what we have today, the SL fashion industry changed and moved into the future finally, leaving a lot of people lost and confused.

Today mesh is a huge part of our SL lifes stores embraced it, some going full mesh, some going partial, some embracing it in a whole no different way recently, with the coming of mesh boobs and appliers for them so that regular system clothes could literally embrace the mesh itself.

Over the year we´ve seen new brands arriving, old ones revamping themselves and a whole lot of new things, today i was a bit bored, i´ve been busy this holiday season like you all, but today i found i had a little time to sit down and organize my inventory, as usual i was looking at events stuff, moving things into folders, opening boxes, trying out things, and i usually look a mess when doing so, i wanted to take a pic of the new Bilo skin for this months Zodiac, I had no idea what hair to wear and luckily i had stopped at My Attic and grabbed this cute Ploom updo and i realized i was not only wearing some holiday colours but i was wearing some of my favourite brands, and over this year i gained so many favourite stores i decide to do a few more pics of random stuff from random events i have laying about.

Then suddenly i find my self putting up my idea of my favourite shops from the past year, so here are a few portraits and thoughts on the shops i´ve been wearing most often and blogging about.

First i will start with skins I´m here wearing a skin from Bilo, i didn´t feature first because of my special connection with the brand (If you look at my profile it´s writen there I am a CSR for the store, I would like to say i don´t get payed for it  in any way shape or form tho, I´ve just known Chandra for sometime now, and we´ve been close friends since then, I started blogging when she started entering events and I´ve seen her shop growing slowly over time in quality and effort, I now know a lot more than i ever did before about the creating process, how much sweat and tears go into it, be it mesh or a texture) This pic was just the starting point for this post.

Another skin brand that I´ve seen grow over time in a really suprising and impressive way is Essences another shops also featured in this Edition of Zodiac, that has also been in almost every big event for this past half month, with an increasingly quality, making me slowly grow closer and closer to their skins.

Shape: mine 
Skin: Bilo – Esha (Zodiac)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes 
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer –  Eyelashes – Groomed
Hair: Ploom – Mosh (My Attic)
Cardigan: Bilo – Munira Cardigan

Now what do i mean with growing into a skin? Let me explain it better, some skins you go hmm i like this is different, and as you wear it more and more often with time, it growns on you, it´s not that use makes you appreciate something better, just that you slowly step out of your usual everyday look and start enjoying and appreciating different facets of yourself and your own shape.

I never change my facial features, I´ve stopped tweaking my shape about two years ago when i was finally happy with the final result, and this brand skin always looked different on me and i couldn´t pin it down why, I´m talking about Glam Affair a brand that always made me go hmm, but after a year of blogging has become my second most blogged brand and one of my favourites, not just for Fantasy but regular more fashionable pics, i collect most of the brands special events skins and i´m totally in love with them all.

Another skin I´ve had a similar relationship with was Pink Fuel, again one of the best SL brands that i always tought looked slighty off on me until i started grabbing and wearing not just here but also occasionally inwrold every special event edition.

Mind you i still wear mostly my favourite skin inworld which is my Milena by Mynerva i love it´s clean no makeup look more than anything else for my daily walkbouts, but i´m starting to realize i wear it less and less as my Skin folder grows bigger and my time for walkbouts grows smaller, and now i found out, well not really found out just wore a bit more a lot other skins like Belleza who´s Wynter Skin a few weeks ago for Fifty Linden Friday had me gasping for how beautiful it is.

My knees go weak with every Fallen Gods release and my inner Fantasy geek wants to fly around SL naked wearing nothing but skin and wings. I cry a little when i see every new My Ugly Dorothy skin out there or Mother Goose´s i wish would actually fit my shape, and i feel tempted to make a new one just for their skins. And i´m slowly growing fonder of the Skinnery,  and i´m atencipaticing Nomine´s new focus only on fantasy skins. And this only to name a few shops i didn´t picture here on this post and it´s follow up one.

Shape: mine 
Skin: Essences – Caprice skin (Zodiac)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes 
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer –  Eyelashes – Groomed
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Amelie
Dress: Geometry – Winter (Gothmas by Gaslight)

At the end of a day i realized a skin says a lot about who we are and is one of the most important pieces of an avatar, but i think i also found out my avatar wants to be a lot of different things and some might not even make much sense to me at the time, but it will at some point, when i realize i feel good enough on my own skin to change it as often as i can and feel like.

Darkness is coming


Slowly falling over us all as the A new Twisted Hunt arrives, starting tomorrow, also starting tomorrow is another hunt, The Summer Harvest Hunt, which i will bring you guys soon over at the The Ego Co. blog.

But let´s start with The Twisted Hunt, one of my favourites, always with a dark theme, always with an amazing list of creators, some more well known others sorta of new, here i bring you guys a small preview from it, this gorgeous mesh necklace by House of Rain, that you might remember from The Goth Fair, and occasional blogs, i love mesh jewelry, and i love the detail it brings, also i like it even more when it´s copy and mod, the best thing for any mesh jewelry, that ended all scaling problems of small prims, allowing you to resize it and fit it to perfection when unrigged, like this beautiful necklace, that shows, a barren tree under a jeweled moon.

I missed doing a more dark look, and for this one, i picked a random skin from Glam Affair, an older one from a long lost Dressing Room, and added something new to the look, one of Nomine´s first mesh releases, in this lovely Shapirre tone, perfect for the mood of another gorgeous Garden of Dreams scene.

The dress has two versions, one of them short and another long, with cut out sides and perfect to show of your back.

So guys, prepare yourselves for an amazing weekend and month hunting, don´t we all love a good hunt? I´ll be seeing you all soon with more hunt goodies, have a wonderful weekend.

Shape: mine 
Skin: Skin: Glam Affair  – GiO skin Black Snow
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes
Eyelashes: Maitreya – V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
Hair: Elikatira  – Unfold
Dress: Nomine – Keyhole Gown
Necklace: House of Rain – As Darkness Falls ( The Twisted Hunt)
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics –  Clear Lipgloss

First pose by aDORKable

Scenery: Garden Of Dreams – Dream Scene – Moonshine Boat

Under my Skin – Men´s edition


Some time ago i did a blog post called Under my Skin about the last of Nomine´s last non fantasy skins the female version, today i bring you the male version.

Although an end is always sad news, when a creator decides to spend more time doing something they enjoy better, because it´s clear they will be more motivated and inspired, also the fantasy elements where always there, always present in her skins, and a great example of this is this version of The Nephilim, that like the female one includes not only a bunch of regular options, be it facial hair or makeups, but also come with a way wider variety in makeups for men with a touch of fantasy/sci-fi. How many men can have such glamorous makeup?

I really enjoyed how the skin fitted well my shape and i i´m totally in love with the ligther skin tones and the crazier makeups, you can totally see i do enjoy fantasy items a lot and i really liked it trying out some male stuff for a change.

Also i it made me dug up again my male shape, that i modified quite a bit since then, and i also got him some hair and new eyes, which him and Ely can share, since i like boy haircuts also.

In the meanwhile we wait for more fantasy skins soon from Nomine, and some mesh, that i will bring you all soon. Don´t forget to try the demos to see how it fits you and by the way this months Men´s Department is well worth visiting.

Also if you like to see me in short haircuts i did a blog with one of my favourites for the ZombiePopcorn brand the other day, you can find here.

Shape: mine 
Skin: Skin: Nomine – The Nephilim
Eyes: Poetic Colours – Nightfall (The Men’s Department)
Hair: Exile – Jackson

Hair Fair 2012 – Discord Designs


Hair Fair is finally open, and the first impressions are, low lag and huge attendance, today i bring you all a bit more from it, this time Discord Designs and again i get to show you Kallisti Burns amazing mesh work and besides these 5 new releases, that include all the matching hairbases, you´also find a dollarbie at the Hair Fair shop both.

I´m slowly in the meanwhile organizing folders, sorting out tru all the demos and items to show, just remember folks when you do visit the Fair make sure to minimize your lag, and look at all the signs for how to improve your Fair experience. I have to say the organization this year has been impeccable, ready and visible info available, a low lag avatar set to offer, redelivery terminals at all the sops, i´m honestly amazed at it, and i´m sure you all will.

Shape: mine 
Skin: Nomine – The Nephilim
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes 
Eyelashes: Maitreya – V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
Hair: Discord Designs- Phoenix – Hair Fair 2012
Dress: Tee*fy – Adelaide Basic Romper Black
Boots: lassitude & ennui – Wanderlust boots duotone
Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss 

Hair: Discord Designs- Devlyn – Hair Fair 2012

Hair: Discord Designs- Delrey – Hair Fair 2012

Hair: Discord Designs- Dhilon – Hair Fair 2012

Hair: Discord Designs- Bouncer– Hair Fair 2012

Poses by aDORKable

Under my skin


I never did a skin review, and i´m so new at this i even gave it a obviously punny title, something i seem to have got going on lately, but pardon me because it is my first please.

Today i bring some bad news and some good news, and as usual at least when it happens to me in real life i ask please hit me with the bad news first, so here it is, sadly Nomine, just release their last non-fantasy skin, it´s called The Nephilim line, and it´s perfcet for those who like me in rl are sun-challenged, this set of very pale skins will be the last and the same will happen to the male skins also.

Now this is the bit where i bring in the good news, right? And those are that Nomine will be only making Fantasy skins from now on, so at the end of the day Munchflower Zaius, is simply focusing on what she does best, which is work on fantasy items, and that´s pretty awesome news.

Anyways back to the skin, i tried to show as much has possible to show all that is available for the skin, the 5 beautiful pale tones, from an almost pure white to the still pale but human, and the wide range of makeups available, that go from the usual bare, to a more sci-fi, fantasy or sexy look.

So anyways drop in at Nomine store and try a demo if not just to say goodbye to the store´s last human skin, in the mean while fantasy reigns, and will be out soon i´m sure.

Shape: Mine
Skin: Nomine –  The Nephilim
Hair: booN – YNO421
Bikini – Artilleri – Jeanette 

Poses by Long Awkward Pose (not available anymore)
Windlight: Strawberry Singh – Closeups (no Shadows)



Today i bring you the last on a in a series of several, The last Nomine exclusive Fantasy gowns, The Ameno, like all others  in the collection they where limited editions of 12 gowns per colour, available in several colours and with a huge amount of layer options and variations including quite a few underwear options i´m to much of a prude to show you all (yes i even blushed a little when i typed that).

I also bring you something slightly different, it´s no secret i love landscaping and plants and so today i also bring you some mesh plants one is a group gift from the Booshies folks available at Booshtopia and those mystical creatures feed of them, the others are from Refined Wild that i have blogged before around these parts and are also mesh.

All these things in my inventory where dying to come out, and i could just picture a noble lady waiting by the sea. But what dos she wait for? A lover? A message? A treasure? I think we´ll see that soon, sinces o much lies out there in the waves, and who knows what the sea hides.

Shape: mine
Skin: Illusory – Love_Milk – Shindig DB (COLLABOR88)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes
Hair: booN  – UAN168
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer  – Eyelashes – Groomed
Dress: Nomine – Ameno Gown
Makeup: Mynerva – Milena M3~Eyeshadow/Lash/Lip A
Makeup: Makeup: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Clear Lipgloss  

Booshies – Nectubloom
Refined Wild – Isle Bloom (Vivid) – A Mesh Product by Khyle Sion

Poses by aDORKable

It´s a nice day for a black wedding.


Well more like an abyss wedding, and Abyss is the name of this gorgeous Nomine wedding dress, another one in Limited edition of 12 gowns per colour, and may i say it´s quite refreshing to step out of the traditional wedding colours, into more daring territory, although i don´t believe many priests would let me walk down the aisle in it, it´s ok I´m not the marrying kind, so i don´t mind.

The darker version of the dress comes in a multiple choice of colours from dark purples and blues thru greens and reds it was a thought call on my favorite colour to be honest but the Abyss model has the perfect mix or red and black to make any groom flail and blush.

It also comes with a wide variety of layers, shoes and the perfect underwear for the perfect honeymoon, I might as well skip the wedding.

I´m also wearing one of my new favorite shops for skins, My Ugly Dorothy to me seemed perfect for this dress i´m totally falling in love with this shop and I advise to run to their shop and check if the sale is still up, as well as taking advantage of the skins of sunday, that are gorgeous and usually themed.

Also burning in my inventory was the lovely necklace from Illusions, I´ve had it waiting about for ages for the perfect outfit to use it with and i finally found it.

So here it is my choice for a black wedding, see you all later with some CHIC²

Shape: mine
Skin: My Ugly Dorothy – The skin of Sunday 7
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural Mesh Eyes
Hair: Exile –  Late at Night (The Dressing Room)
Eyelashes: ploom – Lashes 2 (Skin Addiction Gift)
Dress: Nomine – Ariel Wedding Dress Abyss (Limited Edition)
Jewelry: Illusions – Orinthia Puro Set

Poses by Adorkble

Loki me, Loki you, Loki three?


You know what really is pretty awesome? Doing something you like, and it´s way better when you do it with people you really, really like, and i got to do just that over the weekend with my very two good friends, Sonya Marmurek from Astalianda and Nicole Twigvald from smileyorc.

Over the weekend we got together and did what girls usually do in SL, which is sit down and have tea and cupcakes? Hell no we actually dressed up as gods and prepared to destroy the world, we also had tea and cupcakes of course, world destroying gods also enjoy a snack and a cuppa among friends.

Like all destroying gods we looked fabulous in our Nomine Loki Avatars, as you can see below:

This gorgeous, Limited edition Gown, comes with so many pieces, including skin, shape, hair, tattoo layers, 3 types of horns, skirts, capes, so many to list and can be found in 6 different colours (only 12 of each will be sold).

And what a better setting for a meeting of gods but this beautiful mesh stage by Refined Wild, where great things are planned by girly giggling gods.

Thank you very much Sonya and Nicole for a wonderful afternoon. I ❤ you girls.

Shape: mine
Hair – Wasabi Pills – Jacqueline
Outfit and Skin: Nomine – Loki Gown in purple
Wings: [europa] – Nyxus wings 

Stage: Dancer’s Triad by Refined Wild (available in normal and petite sizes)

Poses by Adorkable and Glitterati