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Oneword pins


Time goes by so fast it´s again time for a new round of Oneword this one is themed Vintage and it has a lovely spring air to it with a lot of florals and soft light colours.

So be prepared for more since today is a really busy day for me i´ll be back in a bit with more news and events.


It´s tragic


A lot happens today, and you guys know i like doing a blog post every now and then, specially when there is a new event in town, Which is the case of Oneword that should be now open.


So every edition of this event is themed by one word, the first edition is Tragedy, and i fell in love with this new MINA hair for it.

But Oneword is not the only event starting today, FaMESHed is back with a new edition like clockwork every month, and it´s where i bought this lovely structured dress from Mutresse, with plenty of colour options, and which i tinted slightly darker for a more noir feel NS Qa pwerfwct fro the new released shoes from Hucci.

Also since it´s Carnaval time and Madi Grass and even tho i don´t personally do hunts in SL but i was over at Papermoon the last shop on the list of 104 that take part in this Spring edition of The Twisted Hunt, one of the eldest and best know hunts in SL, and i wanted a picture themed for the holiday and for that used Sohma´s pretty setup with her hunt gift.

Have fun today guys, plenty to do on the grid for those who celebrate the world wide holidays like me and get to enjoy some extra free time or a long weekend.

See you all soon with more news and events.



Skin: League – Isa
Hair: Mina – Monique (Oneword)
Eyes: Jalwa – Nebula
Lashes: Snow Rabbit
Dress: Mutresse – Stilna Dress (FaMESHed)
Shoes: Hucci – Payson Sandal (New Release)
Mesh Hands and Feet by Slink
Manicure and Pedicure by Orc Inc.

Papa Legba Veve (hunt prize) at  Papermoon (The Twisted Hunt spring 2014
Pose by Adorkable – Floored 2 (marketplace only)






Oneword pins


Oneword is a brand new event, true story you can still sense that new car smell, and the idea is about picking one word, and every two months have an edition based on that word as a theme.

I do advise you guys to check it out, this months theme word, Tragedy, that clearly bought out some very interesting ideas.

I´ll be stopping by later, with more events and news.

ETA: Just  quick note since this morning i was all full of steam, Oneword opens at 12pm noon, sorry for the aparently random posting time, I´m gonna grab more coffee to avoid that, and have everything pinned before it opens.